Why ‘parallel riding’ at high speed is so dangerous [Video]

‘Parallel riding’ where two or more motorcycle riders hog lanes and ride next to each other is something that’s quite common on Indian roads. Such riding at lower speeds causes traffic to slow down, and at higher speeds is an all-new ballgame. It could prove very dangerous for riders, and this is exactly what happened at Haridwar, Uttarakhand. Three motorcycle riders tragically lost their lives in a head-on collision involving three motorcycles.

As the video indicates, two motorcyclist were riding parallel to each other at good speeds. While one motorcycle had two riders on them, the other had three, which is illegal. The motorcyclist on the bike carrying three people panics as a sees another motorcycle approach him at high speed from the wrong side of the narrow road.

He tries to brake, and loses balance. The oncoming motorcycle, which was on the wrong way collides against the falling motorcycle and both riders are flung hard onto the road. Reportedly, the riders died due to head injuries. None of them were wearing crash helmets.

The tragic accident happened on the Holi day, and it’s not clear is any of the riders were in an inebriated condition during the crash. Once again, such crashes go on to show how risky it is to disobey basic road rules, especially when on a motorcycle.

There are multiple takeaways from this accident,

  1. Parallel riding can be dangerous at high speed. Avoid it as far as you can as such riding gives very little room for error.
  2. A crash helmet is absolutely essential while riding a motorcycle or any two wheeler. It’s the first, and perhaps last defence against head injuries that can occur during a motorcycle crash.
  3. Riding/driving on the wrong side of the road confuses oncoming traffic, and causes nasty, often fatal crashes. There’s simply no justification for such dangerous riding.