Vikas Kaul, a member, has a different view on the Duster vs. Renault tabble. He believes Duster is clearly better if you are a city-dweller.

I don’t agree that Scorpio delivers better value than Renault Duster. Yes, it delivers more space for similar money and if that’s what you need/want, then Duster doesn’t cut it. So the round goes to Scorpio.

Also see our earlier comparison: Mahindra Scorpio vs. Renault Duster, which has a different view!

Make it 0-1.

But what if you want a car that has the build quality most of us who have grown up with a Maruti or two?. Aren’t you happy there is finally an SUV this side of the overpriced and undersized Skoda Yeti that’s built well, that does not panels gaps so wide people could live in them?

renault duster vs scorpio for the city

We are now even at 1-1. And there is more coming.

And aren’t you happy that while it will avoid scraping pot holed roads, but not waft and wallow so much to put your heart in your mouth? Duster handles like a car and not a boat. And what about braking—all the panic that ensues once Scorpio’s brakes are pushed.

Duster surges ahead 2-1.

But what about power? Doesn’t Scorpio have more power—barring one version? Yes, but its also a good 500 kg heavier. So it’s not clear if it will pull any faster than Duster. At least one early review suggests Duster is faster than XUV 500. But, at this stage, I will fine with calling it a draw.

And we get to the crucial question of mileage.

I would expect Duster to return a real world mileage in the same range (for the diesel variant) as Sunny which is around 16 kmpl. That’s easily 25 percent more than Scorpio.

That puts Duster ahead by 3-1.

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They are broadly in the same price band. Not too much too choose here either.

Overall, for me, the Duster scores over Scorpio with better ride and handling and better mileage. Its smaller size makes it easy to drive in the city. Importantly, at least for me, it is built like a modern car should be built.

It equals or trumps Scorpio on all counts that would matter to city folks bar one—space.


  1. Interesting take on the Duster and very valid. Yes, it has much better fit and finish, better ride quality, better handling, better mileage. It is almost like a lower-priced Skoda Yeti. If you live in metro, use it for daily work commutes, the Duster works. But at the same price point – a Scorpio just has more sheet metal and space to offer, not to mention road presence and a few extra features – cruise control, automatic headlamps, rain sensing wipers, arm rests etc. Airbags, ABS, Bluetooth etc are common to both. (Rs. 10.8 lakh for VLX 2WD, vs Rs. 10.99 lakh for Duster RxZ). I’m still looking at it in strictly a city use sense.

  2. …………..frankly speaking the duster will beat the scorpio even on highways ….beyond 110 kms the short wheelbase and suspension setup doesn’t make one comfortable , due to its huge foot print the economy gets hit ….. the brakes too don’t inspire confidence at high speed ….. i believe the highway star is the safari …. this is my opinion

  3. Duster is actually for people with less folks..People term it as Mini-SUV…There is no such thing as MINI-SUV..SUV IS AN SUV…You can use the Term Cross-over’s…So it is just a Substitute to a Sedan and an SUV…

  4. Agree with Alistair on the Scorpio’s highway manners (or lack of it). Beyond 110-120 kmph it begins this rocking motion that can make some seasick. And braking is an adventure at those speeds. I stick to sane speeds on the highway :-)

  5. Having that 205 mm of ground clearance and relatively low stance and huge boot is a huge advantage for highway cruising. So, as a crossover it fails to do justice if its good for city only. For that price there should have been features like standard ABS, airbags, and the top of the line should have cruise control, Auto climate, front arm rests, better looking plastics etc..For me if its just a city car, it fails to enthuse me.

  6. Now one of the key feature’s of Duster is Super-strong Build quality’s and over all ..Which lacks in both Scorpio and Safari…Scorpio’s presence is much more prominent and interior are classy and foundation is powerful but Safari lacks interior’s to dust but comes with a whole better engine and ride quality…and with Jaw Breaking acc and speed…

  7. Duster has all the facility’s of a urban Crossover..and yes performs better 4×4 Capabilities then Safari or Scorpio…Cause the mechanism is better with good wheelbase …Duster Might be the game Changer…and even looks good…But Safari and Scorpio Carrie’s a different Segment of Class,So comparing with Duster would be very awkward.

  8. duster is a compact suv-5 seater…. for family and friends…..thats all we need for, scorpio is an ugly looking – modified jeep-7 seater…probbly…suits best to jaats and netas, I think thrs no comparison between two of em.

  9. What about the ultra thin presence of ASCs of Renault across the country compared to M&M’s presence in every nook and cranny ? What about the cost of spares and in general the TCO ? Would we know anything of the quality issues. I guess the jury would be out on this one for about 6 months before having the judge to declare the final outcome…

  10. Duster is a Sedan with little more ground clearance. That is what even Renault itself gave the AD as. May be more suitable for City rides. It has good mileage too. However, it should not and cannot be compared with SUVs as it doesn’t fit/match that segment. Its probably just the LOOKS and nothing more than that. On price and Space aspects, Duster doesn’t score much compared to others. The only other vehicle that Duster is comparable at the moment is ERTIGA. Even there, Ertiga scores at price points over Duster but Duster has more variants than Ertiga, especially the 110PS Diesel version while Ertiga stays at 90 all the way

  11. All who believe Duster is a Sturdy Car, please slam shut the doors on the car and hear the sound.. I wont even call it a “Thud”… Somehow, I felt they lack the sturdiness and Robustness….

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