Why the Hyundai Eon is more value for money than the Maruti Suzuki Alto K10!

Ever since the Hyundai Eon was launched in October last year buyers have been asking one key question: Is it better value for money than the Maruti Suzuki Alto K10? We at CarToq decided to find an answer to just that question!

We recently posted a poll on our Facebook fan page to find out what the community thought about this and 72 % people voted saying that the Hyundai Eon is a more practical and value for money car than the Alto K10. The Alto may rule in terms of sales numbers but only 28 % people voted for it.

So, what makes the Hyundai Eon better than the Alto K10? Why did 72 % people say that it is a more attractive option? Read on, to find answers to all that.

Where the Eon is better than the Alto K10

hyundai eon
Photo: The Eon with its good looks, features, mileage and pricing is more attractive to the practical buyer

Looks: The Eon with its Fluidic design is ages ahead of the Alto K10, which despite of a recent facelift is still quite boxy and dated looking. The hexagonal grille, swept back headlamps coupled with all the dramatic lines and curves make the Eon undeniably cute looking. Although looks are subjective, the Eon wins here by a landslide. Also see our Hyundai Eon video review

Space, comfort and features: The Alto isn’t a spacious car and the onslaught of the Eon gave buyers a spacious and comfortable car that was also similarly priced. The Eon is wider and taller than the Alto and its seats are soft and well bolstered. Four people can sit comfortable in the car, while an occasional third person in the rear can be accommodated with more ease than in the Alto.

The top-end Eon gets tilt-adjustable steering to aid an optimum driving position. The only drawback here is that even in the Eon the middle passenger will have to deal with an intrusive transmission tunnel.

Essentially three abreast at the rear is a bit of a squeeze in both the Alto and the Eon, but if you had to choose the Eon would win by s small margin. Luggage space is good and at 215 litres it is much larger than the Alto K10’s 170 litre boot. You also get a driver side airbag (top-end variant sports variant) which the Alto K10 does not offer.

Mileage: Now when it comes to mileage the Eon isn’t miles ahead of the Alto but if you are one of those to whom every bit of petrol matters than the Eon with its mileage of 21 kmpl is just 1 kmpl ahead of the Alto k10 which returns 20 kmpl.

Price: The Eon with all its plus points and benefits is still cheaper than the Alto K10. The Eon starts at Rs. 2.74 lakh while the Alto k10 starts at Rs. 3.14 lakh.

Now that we’ve seen where the Eon is better than the Alto let’s see where the Alto still manages to stay ahead.

Where the Alto K10 is better than the Eon

alto k10 front photo
Photo: The Alto K10 still makes sense for those looking for performance and handling over features

Engine and performance: In terms of outright power and performance the Altok10’s 998 cc engine with its 67 Bhp of power and 90 Nm of torque is ahead of the Eon. The Eon has a lower capacity 814 cc engine that makes only 55 Bhp of power and 75 Nm of torque. Hence when it comes to performance we have to hand it over to the Alto for being much better. Also see our video comparison of the Hyundai Eon and the Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

Handling: The Alto K10 is a better car to drive as well. The Eon just doesn’t feel as steady and confident as the Alto, which you will effortlessly chuck around in city traffic. The Eon’s gearbox too is very shaky, unlike the Alto’s gear box. The Alto’s gears shift much smoothly than the Eon’s.


So it’s clear that when it comes to looks, space, comfort, price and mileage the Eon is a better option but if its performance and handling that are your main focus then the Alto K10 still delivers better than the Eon.