Mahindra XUV500 snapshot: Performance, features, safety and value for money evaluation of Mahindra XUV500 SUV in India

Why the Mahindra XUV500 is excellent value for money

Mahindra has pulled off a coup of sorts with the kind of features and pricing it is offering for its new SUV, the XUV500. The features in the top-end XUV500 are found in SUVs that cost nearly twice as much in India. Here is why the XUV500 is unmatched among SUVs on the value-for-money proposition.

The base W6 model is priced at Rs. 10.8 lakh ex-showroom Delhi, and even at that price the vehicle is loaded with features.

And then there are the other two variants – the XUV500 W8 priced at Rs. 11.95 lakh and the XUV500 W8 AWD (all-wheel drive) priced at Rs. 12.88 lakh, which take the features list even further.

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So what are the features that the XUV500 offers at these price points that competing MUVs, SUVs and crossovers such as the Toyota Innova, Tata Aria, Ford Endeavour and even the Toyota Fortuner can’t match up to?

Safety features

If you look at the safety feature list on the XUV500 W8 variants, it beats the Toyota Innova, Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner hands down, with its configuration of six airbags, electronic stability program (ESP), hill-hold control and hill-descent control. The Tata Aria 4×4 Pride offers some of these features at Rs. 15.84 lakh, at least Rs. 3 lakh more than the most expensive XUV500.

The base XUV500 W6 offers two airbags and ABS with all-round disc brakes. It’s most immediate rival, the Toyota Innova offers a disc-drum brake configuration on all models, while ABS and airbags are available on the Innova VX variant only which is priced at Rs. 12.51 lakh, about Rs. 1.7 lakhs more than the XUV500 W6.

mahindra xuv500 safety abs airbags

The Tata Aria offers similar features only on its Pleasure variant that’s priced at Rs. 12.61 lakh. Going further up the value chain, the Ford Endeavour 4×2 offers similar safety features at a price point of Rs. 17.04 lakh, while the Toyota Fortuner offers this at Rs. 20.14 lakh. The Tata Aria is the only other vehicle among these four that offers all-round disc brakes.

Driving aids and convenience features

The XUV500 offers a long list of convenience and comfort features. The base variant has quite a bit to offer as well, such as an integrated CD system with USB and Bluetooth connectivity and steering audio controls, cruise control and voice command for stereo. The Tata Aria Pride is the only other vehicle to offer cruise control, while the Innova, Endeavour and Fortuner don’t. Parking sensors aren’t present on the Endeavour, while the Fortuner, Innova VX and Aria (all variants) offer them.

LED parking lamps and static bending lights (that are activated to see around corners) are not offered on any of the other vehicles, while projector headlamps are offered on the Aria and Fortuner as well.

Gizmos and gadgets

When it comes to other gadgetry, the XUV500 again beats all its competitors comfortably. Features such as tyretronics (which monitors tyre pressure in all wheels) are not present in any of the other vehicles (other than its stablemate Scorpio).

Chiller box is another unique feature to keep your drinks cold (the Aria has a chilled glove box). GPS navigation and touchscreen infotainment system are present on the W8 variants, while the W6 has a touchscreen audio system.

Rain-sensing wipers, light-sensing automatic headlamps, follow-me home headlamps are some of the other features unique to the XUV500 at this price point, while only the Tata Aria Prestige and Pride variants offer these features. The Fortuner lacks these features, while the Ford Endeavour 4×4 variant priced at Rs. 19.7 lakh (about Rs. 7 lakh more) offers a navigation and DVD system.

And then there are other features offered at a lower price point compared to the competition such as leather seats and alloy wheels.


On the power and performance specs as well it holds its own against the other four vehicles. The XUV500 has a 2.2 litre diesel engine that puts out 140 bhp of power and 330 Nm of torque. The Tata Aria has similar specifications.

The Toyota Innova is sadly underpowered at just 102 bhp from its 2.4 litre engine compared to the XUV500, while the Endeavour and Fortuner, of course, deliver better power from bigger engines. The Endeavour’s 3-litre engine puts out 156 bhp, and the Toyota Fortuner puts out 169 bhp.

However, among all these vehicles, only the XUV500 has a six-speed manual transmission which helps in better mileage of 15.1 kmpl because of a taller overdrive gear. The rest are all five-speed manuals. The only other SUV in the vicinity with a six-speed box and better mileage figures (17.36 kmpl) is the Skoda Yeti priced at Rs. 15.5 lakh.

In summary

All in all, this makes the XUV500 a great value for money crossover vehicle, with its aggressive looks, long feature list and good power specifications. We expect Mahindra dealers to remain rather busy in the next few months.

XUV500 vs Aria vs Endeavour vs Fortuner comparison

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