Why the new Tata Tiago is better than the WagonR-Celerio-i10

The Tata Tiago starts at 3.2 lakhs. The Maruti Celerio is a full 83,000 rupees pricier. The WagonR is 88,000 costlier. The Hyundai i10 is a full 1.14 lakhs costlier. But it’s not the price alone that makes the Tiago so attractive. Here are solid reasons why the new Tata hatchback is a much more compelling buy than the WagonR-Celerio-i10.

The Tiago is the largest car in its class

Longer, wider and a bigger boot

Tata Tiago


It’s significantly longer (3,746 mm) and wider (1,647 mm) than the i10, WagonR and Celerio, and also has the largest boot (242 liters). The Celerio pulls one back by having a 25 mm longer wheelbase (2,425 mm vs 2,400 mm) but in overall size, the Tiago still leads. It’s also heavier than the rest, with kerb weights of 930 Kg and 1030 Kg for the petrol and diesel variants respectively. If you want a sturdy car that doesn’t feel too light or flimsy, the Tiago will appeal to you.

And way more powerful

84 Bhp-114 Nm for the petrol & 69 Bhp-140 Nm for the diesel

Tata Tiago Engine

All that weight with not enough power would’ve made the Tiago a dull car. That’s not the case though. The new Tata hatchback has segment leading power and torque numbers, with 84 Bhp-114 Nm from the 1.2 liter-3 cylinder petrol and 69 Bhp-140 Nm from the 1.05 liter-3 cylinder turbo diesel motors. The Celerio and WagonR petrols use 1 liter-3 cylinder motors with 67 Bhp-90 Nm, while the i10 gets a 1.1 liter petrol with 68 Bhp-99 Nm. The Celerio Diesel has an 800cc, twin cylinder engine putting out 46 Bhp-125 Nm.

Yet manages to be fuel efficient

Segment leading 23.84 Kmpl for Petrol & Celerio matching 27.28 Kmpl for Diesel

Tata Tiago Profile

More power and a higher kerb weight generally result in a lower fuel efficiency number. The Tiago bucks the trend. The petrol is rated at 23.84 Kmpl, while the diesel gets a 27.28 Kmpl mileage rating. The next best car – the Celerio Petrol, manages 23.1 Kmpl while the Celerio Diesel does slightly better with 27.62 Kmpl. The Tiago wants to give you more power, stability and mileage than every other car in its segment. And it actually pulls it off.

Absolutely feature packed

Navigation, 8 speaker stereo and multi driving modes

Tata Tiago Dashboard


The Tiago gets smart phone integration with its infotainment system, which means that navigation, and Bluetooth calling and music streaming is taken care of. No other car in its segment offers this. Then you have an 8 speaker from Harman, as another premium touch. Multi-driving mode – Eco and City, is another feature that differentiates this car from the rest of the pack. Twin airbags, ABS and EBD, and cornering brake control are the safety features offered on the top-end model.

It punches above its weight

Grand i10, watch out

Tata Tiago Interior


Let’s compare the diesel variants of the Grand i10 and the Tiago. The Hyundai is marginally larger than the Tata car, by only just. We’re talking about a couple of centimeters here. Yes, it’s that close, but the top-end Tiago Diesel is cheaper than the base variant of the Grand i10 by 20,000 rupees. You don’t get ABS and Airbags on the Grand i10, which also happens to be less fuel efficient than the Tiago. You don’t get the 8 speaker Harman stereo, navigation, and multiple driving modes in the Grand i10 Diesel despite paying more. If you’re a value hunter, you know what to look at.

Tata Tiago Rear

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