Why the Tata Sumo is such a legend [Video]

Tata Sumo, it is an iconic vehicle in Indian automobile history. Tata had launched this MUV back in 1994 and it quickly became popular among buyers. It was so popular that within three years, Tata sold over 1 lakh units which was a great achievement at that that time. Tata Sumo is an MUV that was popular among customers for its spacious cabin, no-nonsense design and comfortable ride. It was popular in both private and commercial sector and over the years, Tata kept of making minor changes to the Sumo to keep it fresh. Here we have a video that shows why people loved and called Tata Sumo a legend.

The main reason why Tata Sumo became popular in the market was because of its rugged and utilitarian design. It was an MUV with a tough SUV like design. Tata used to offer a 4×4 version of Sumo but that was available for Army only. The name Sumo also has a story behind it. Tata named Sumo MUV after their former Managing Director, Mr. , Sumant Moolgaonkar. Tata joined first syllables of his first and the last name to create Sumo.

Video shows various clips where regular rear wheel drive Tata Sumo is seen driving on slushy, water filled and rough road conditions. Most of the Tata Sumo SUVs shown in this video are being used for ferrying people. In many of the Eastern states, Tata Sumo was widely used because the roads on this part of the country were not the best.

In rural areas, the roads were generally filled with slush and a regular hatchback or a car could easily get stuck in such situation. Tata Sumo had enough ground clearance and a fully loaded vehicle offered more traction to Sumo in such terrains. As it has more traction, the driver can easily guide the MUV even is such terrain without deviating from the track.

Video even shows how an Army 4×4 version of the Tata Sumo crossed through a very deep slushy section. It also shows the 4×4 version being driven through a stream or river with rocky bottom. In comparison to the regular 4×2 Tata Sumo, the 4×4 version had flared wheel arches and the bumper had also been redesigned for better approach angle. Similarly, it had a different steel rim as well. It was one of those SUV which had a shift on the fly 4×4 system with an automatic hub locker system at the front.

Why the Tata Sumo is such a legend [Video]

Tata Sumo was in production for almost 25 years and due to current safety and emission norms, Tata had discontinued it from the market in 2019. Tata even tried introducing the a much more advanced version of Tata Sumo in the market known as Sumo Grande. It was totally different from the Sumo that people were familiar with and public was actually not that happy with the design as well. Later they had to phase out the Sumo Grande and the Sumo with older boxy design was brought back in the market.