Why the Tata Vista diesel is better value than Maruti Suzuki Swift

Tata Motors launched the face-lifted Vista a week after the new Swift was launched. The Swift is the popular and more preferred car among the two, but you will be surprised by this: for a certain set of buyers, the Vista diesel Quadrajet is a better proposition than the Swift diesel. Here’s why!

Let’s first understand why the Swift will be the preferred choice for a large number of buyers and the waiting period for delivery is three months.

Why the Tata Vista diesel is better value than Maruti Suzuki Swift

Swift clear choice if performance, looks primary need

The Swift has always been among the best when it comes to handling and performance. And the new Swift diesel has an even more improved performance, which can be attributed to its refined engine (1.3 litre DDiS diesel) and nicely spaced gear ratios. The precise steering feedback, responsive engine and slick-shifting gear stick in the Swift is a driver’s delight.

The new Swift’s NVH levels reduce cabin noise by 3db and the rally-spec based suspension setup makes you feel confident when throwing the car around corners as there is minimal body roll.

The new Vista has been improved in terms of gear-shift action, clutch action, steering feedback and suspension setup. The body roll in the new car has been reduced and darting in and out of traffic has become more sure footed.  Also read: Vista First Drive

Overall, when it comes to handling, high speed stability and NVH levels, the Swift has a clear edge over the Vista as the latter tends to feel a bit light at high speeds and allows some engine noise and tyre noise into the cabin. Also read: Swift First Drive

In terms of looks, fit and finish also, the Swift has an advantage over the Vista.

So for those looking for performance, the Swift is clearly a better buy. But for those who are looking for the best value between the two diesels, things get interesting.

Vista diesel better value for money than Swift diesel

Typically, those who want the best value for money want lower price, better mileage, bigger car and more features for the price paid.

Lower price: The Vista diesel is priced competitively and in fact, more than Rs. 44,000 cheaper than the Swift. To be precise, the Vista (Quadrajet) diesel base variant starts at Rs. 5.09 lakh as against the Swift diesel base variant which start at Rs. 5.53 lakh.

The top-end Swift diesel, which offers the same features as the Indica Vista ZX Quadrajet is priced at Rs. 6.76 lakh, while the Vista is priced at Rs. 6.40 lakh.

Have a look at the prices of the diesel variants of Vista vis-à-vis Swift

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Similar mileage: And when it comes to mileage, both offer similar fuel efficiency. The diesel Swift has a mileage of 22.9 kmpl as against the Vista’s 22.3 kmpl.

Bigger car: The new Swift is comfortable for the front occupants, but when it comes to the rear, space is still at a premium. The grey interiors, small rear windows and the thick C pillar make it claustrophobic for rear passengers while the middle passenger also has less leg room.

The Indica Vista has one of the most spacious and comfortable rear seats among premium hatches. Though the middle passenger legroom is slightly compromised because of the transmission tunnel intrusion, the Vista still is spacious enough to fit three adults abreast. The Vista’s 232 litre boot space is more than the Swift’s 210 litre boot. Also the Vista allows for split folding of the rear seats allowing you to carry a little more stuff in the Tata hatchback.

Overall, the Vista has a refreshed cabin, with good amount of head-leg-shoulder room, for both the front and rear passengers, thus making it have a slight edge over the Swift.

Loaded with features: Both the top-end variants of Vista and Swift are well equipped and they have some exclusive features too.

The new Vista has intelligent rear wiper that switches on when engaging the reverse gear provided the front wipers are kept on.  The Vista engine starts only if the clutch is depressed, thus avoiding re-cranking the engine and improving safety.

The Vista has two 12V power sockets, one at the front and the other at the rear. The Tata hatchback has ‘Blue 5’ feature that allows you to pair up to five mobile phones with the audio system. Phone books and audio streaming can also be done with this system.

The new Swift has some unique features such as turn indicators on ORVMs, intelligent speed based auto volume, electro-magnetic back door opener and driver side power window – auto down function.

Comparing the variants of Vista and the Swift, the Vista variants are better equipped than the Swift variants. Hence, in terms of features, the Vista has an edge over the corresponding variants of the Swift.


If you are looking for value for money, and want a diesel hatchback, the Vista diesel (Quadrajet) is the one to go for.The Vista is powered by the same refined Fiat engine as the Swift diesel.

It offers good fuel economy and has spacious interiors for five passengers. It has more features than the Swift, and most importantly, it is cheaper than the Swift by up to Rs. 44,000.

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