Why the TVS Apache RR 310S/Akula could be the most exciting sub-2 lakh motorcycle in India

TVS is just two days away from officially launching the Apache RR 310S. However, being the most talked about the bike on the year, there are many rumours floating around the Apache RR 310S. Based on all the rumours around this bike, here is why the TVS RR 310S could be the most exciting bike under Rs. 2 lakh in India.

It is quite fast

The all-new TVS Apache RR310 S will be one of the quickest in the segment. The is made for track-oriented riders. According to a post, the Apache RTR 310S could do 0-60 km/h in just 2.93 seconds. The KTM RC 390 is likely to be the closest competitor of the RC 390 in terms of acceleration but both of them have not been tested together yet.

High-end suspension

Kayaba popularly known KYB will supply the front shock absorbers to the bike. The Upside Down (USD) front forks will make the Apache RR 310S one of the most favourable track bikes in the segment. The Japanese brand, KYB is one one of the world’s most renowned shock absorber maker and supply to many prominent performance bike makers around the world. The rear mono-shock absorber can be set for pre-load

Lap Timer

The TVS Apache RR 310S will be a track-spec bike and it will also feature a lap timer for the track enthusiasts. The lap timer will be a familiar feature because TVS also offers the same on the Apache RTR 200. The last high-speed feature will also be present in the bike that shows the highest speed achieved by the bike.

Top speed

Recently a video surfaced on the Internet that shows the Bajaj Dominar chasing the test version of the TVS Apache RR 310S. The video shows that the Dominar could not keep up with the bike even when the speedometer of the Dominar was showing 157 km/h. According to a post, the upcoming bike will have a top speed of 165 km/h, which is quite fast for the segment.

Michelin radial tyres

TVS will provide everything race-spec in the upcoming bike. The track-oriented bike will get Michelin radial tubeless tyres. No other manufacturer provides such high-performance tyres in the segment yet. The TVS Apache RTR 200, which is the current flagship of the manufacturer comes with Pirelli sourced tyres.

Reverse inclined engine

The TVS Apache RR 310S is based on the BMW G 310R and gets the same engine and chassis set-up. Just like the BMW model, the Apache RR 310S will get reversed inclined engine. It means the engine will be mounted on the chassis at 180 degrees facing backwards. This allows the swingarm to be longer despite a short wheelbase. The reverse inclined engine will allow a lower centre of gravity that in turn makes the bike much agiler.

Anti-Back Lift, Dual ABS

The upcoming bike will get dual channel ABS, which means both the wheels of the bike will get Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). It will be switchable ABS that can be turned off when the rider is feeling enthusiastic or during the track use. The Anti-Back Lift (ABL) feature will also be present that prevents lift of the rear wheel when the ABS is on.

Fully digital instrument cluster

The bike gets fully digital diamond shaped instrument cluster. Even though it is fully LCD instrument cluster like the RTR 200, it will get 15 options on the speedometer, making will be one of the most versatile speedometers in the segment.

Performance and mileage

The bike will well-rounded product by TVS. Apart from the high performance, the TVS RR 310S will also be high on the mileage. According to reports, the TVS Apache RR 310S will return more than 33 km/l of mileage.