Why this man bought a 21 year-old Toyota Qualis [Video]

One of Toyota’s initial products officially introduced in the Indian market was the Qualis MPV. It was launched in 2000 and remained available for sale until 2004. The Qualis quickly gained popularity among buyers due to its spacious cabin, premium appearance, and highly dependable engine. It used to rival the Mahindra Bolero and Tata Sumo in its segment. Even today, there are several well-maintained examples of the Toyota Qualis from different parts of the country. Here, we have a video that explains why a man bought a 21-year-old Toyota Qualis.

The video has been uploaded by Suresh Drives on their YouTube channel. The person posting the video is an experienced evaluator of used luxury cars. They assess the condition of a particular vehicle by looking at factors such as paint quality, putty thickness, service history, and more. Recently, they received a call from a customer living abroad who used to own a Qualis in the past. The customer asked Suresh to inspect a vehicle on their behalf and paid the fee.

The vlogger usually doesn’t inspect normal cars like this one, but the customer insisted as they didn’t want to lose the deal. Finally, the vlogger agreed and went to the location of the car. When the vlogger saw the Qualis, they were pleasantly surprised to find it in an extremely well-maintained condition. It was a 2002 model Toyota Qualis MPV. From the video included in this article, it is evident that the Qualis does not look 21 years old. The customer, who is now the new owner of the car, was very satisfied with the pictures but wanted the evaluator to confirm its condition.

Why this man bought a 21 year-old Toyota Qualis [Video]
21 year old Toyota Qualis

The evaluator was very pleased with the overall condition and service history. Apart from the fenders, the paint on all other panels of this MPV was almost flawless. The interior of this car is also in its original stock condition. The previous owner of the MPV had taken good care of it, maintaining the original fabric upholstery on the door pads and seats. Even the floor mats in this MPV are original.

After the inspection, the evaluator informed the customer that the car looks well-maintained and it is indeed a good deal. The video also mentions that the headlamps and tail lamps used in this MPV are original, and even the alloy wheels are stock. As mentioned earlier, the Qualis was discontinued from the market in 2004, but even after so many years, it still has a decent fan base in the country. The current owner of the Qualis is a Toyota fan who already drives a Prado abroad.

The Qualis seen here is powered by a 2.4-liter petrol engine that generates 75 Ps and 151 Nm of peak torque. It is paired with a manual transmission. Just like any Toyota product, the Qualis is also extremely reliable. We have come across a case from Kerala where a customer managed to drive a Qualis for over 8 lakh km without any major engine issues.

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