Why Volkswagen cars score over others in safety features

Volkswagen cars are considered among the best cars in the world when it comes to safety features. We decided to look closely at the Volkswagen Jetta to understand how this car maker offers better safety than other brands.

Safety features are becoming an important factor in brands and cars that buyers prefer. When we did a feature whether ABS and airbags are worth the extra cost, CarToq members were vocal about the importance of safety features. Read the story and the discussion here. Why Volkswagen cars score over others in safety features

When someone uses the word safety in the context of automobiles, most minds conjure images of seatbelts and airbags at the most. But Volkswagen offers more.

Take a look at this chart where we compare the Jetta with Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Accord and Skoda Laura.

It is immediately evident that the Jetta offers a lot more: eight airbags instead of six in Laura and Accord, traction control system, interior surveillance system and a provision for two child seats (instead of one that other cars have). None of the other cars have these features.

In terms of build, the Jetta is equipped with an optimized McPherson front axle and a 4-link rear axle which not only gives a stable ride but also improves cornering abilities.

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Apart from this, Volkswagen cars (the higher-end models) offer many other features that enhance the safety levels for its users.

Why Volkswagen cars score over others in safety features
Photo: The VW Jetta is one of the safest cars on Indian roads

Xenon Headlamps: Volkswagen cars employ xenon headlamps over conventional halogen light technology as these lights make night driving easier.

Cornering Lights: At speeds over 15 kmph, the headlight beams follow the angle of the vehicle’s steering wheel. This is done with the aid of small servomotors in the headlight units.

Front and Rear Parking Sensors: Volkswagen offers both front and rear parking sensors on its high end cars. This system is equipped with an electronic evaluation system.

Airbags: Volkswagen offers an advanced version of the conventional airbag deployment system. This system offers a two-stage deployment of the front airbags and can be found on the Volkswagen Phaeton.

ABS: Here ABS (Antilock braking system) is the standard ABS found on cars made by other manufacturers as well. The anti-lock braking system prevents the wheels from locking up during sudden halts.

Automatic Headlamps: Volkswagen’s dynamic headlight range control system controls the headlights setting at all times.

Interior Surveillance System: There is a surveillance system that sounds the alarm if forced entry is detected through the doors, engine compartment or luggage compartment and also detects forced entry through the window.

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