Why you should never go off-roading ALONE: Toyota Fortuner, Isuzu V-Cross & Tata Xenon get winched out [Video]

If you have an SUV or pick-up truck with four-wheel-drive, then finding out how well your vehicle does while going off-road is something many of wonder about. However, if you do plan to test out the off-roading capability of your vehicle, it would be advisable for you to go in a group with people who have vehicles with similar capabilities and a winch, as this video by Youtuber Anshuman Bishnoi shows.

The video sees 4×4 vehicles like the Toyota Fortuner, Tata Xenon and Isuzu V-Cross get stuck as the group goes off-roading in North India. However, with the help of the other vehicles in the group, all of which have been equipped with winches, the vehicles that find themselves stuck are easily pulled out of the problematic situation.

This is seen in three different cases in the video above. The first vehicle to get stuck is a Toyota Fortuner, which is one of the best premium SUVs that is priced under Rs 30 lakh. In the video though, the Fortuner while traversing down a rough slope, gets caught in the tracks made on the off-roading path and falls over towards its left side. Thankfully, the Fortuner is pulled out with the help of others at the off-roading course, who use an Isuzu V-Cross equipped with a winch to bring the car back on four wheels and back up the treacherous slope.

Why you should never go off-roading ALONE: Toyota Fortuner, Isuzu V-Cross & Tata Xenon get winched out [Video]

The Fortuner repays the favour to the Isuzu when the Toyota SUV winches the V-Cross pickup out of a situation that was quite similar to the one it found itself earlier in. The Isuzu found itself stuck in a rut on its right side down a muddy slope. Thankfully, the Toyota Fortuner (which is fitted with an aftermarket snorkel) winches and pulls its Japanese counterpart out from where it found itself stuck onto the more stable ground. Then, with more help from the winch and its own powerful engine, the Isuzu gets itself back onto solid ground.

The final case sees a Tata Xenon get stuck late in the night. The Xenon is winched out from its precarious position by the Isuzu. In all three cases, the presence of another SUV with a winch and of people who know how to get a vehicle out of a tough spot while off-roading comes as a boon for the people behind the wheels of the affected vehicles. If these people had gone it alone, getting the vehicles back would have been a whole lot tougher considering that the off-roading course seems to be in the middle of nowhere.