Why you should never look at the phone while driving [Video]

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While driving is seen as an art by many enthusiasts, what we forget is that it is much more than that. The know-how of how to get the most power out of the engine and other driving techniques certainly make one a good vehicle handler, but not a good driver. That’s because a good driver knows not only the basic know-how of driving but also knows and follows road safety rules.

Road safety rules and traffic rules are something which gives character to one’s driving. Among the most common mistakes which people make while driving is using their phone while behind the wheel. Not only this puts the driver at risk but also makes the other near him vulnerable. The video below perfectly illustrates how even a 2-second glance at your phone can have devastating results.

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As seen in the video, a 2-second glance at your phone can be fatal. It can be anything, a message notification, e-mail, incoming call or any other such thing that attracts your attention towards the phone. Now since people are much more aware than before, most of us refrain from using the phone while driving. However, many people consider taking a peek at their phone while driving as non-usage of the phone. This is a completely wrong practice and leads to fatalities, as depicted in the video. Driving on public roads means you never know what would randomly pop up ahead of you. Especially in India, one can never predict what happens next on the road.

Why you should never look at the phone while driving [Video]

Therefore, it is necessary to keep a distance from your phone while driving. Sometimes it may be really important for one to check the phone but for that, pull around to a side and operate the smartphone. One can also check out the notifications and other things while waiting behind the traffic signal. However, doing so while driving is not at all recommended. Even if it is not you who will be at the receiving end of the damage, your using phone while driving can be fatal for any other road user. If you check your phone for a few moments, almost all of your attention gets away from the road in front and of lady luck in not with you, things can go south those very moments.

Most of the cars now come with in-built voice call function when paired to a phone. This reduces the need to glance over your phone while driving and enables you to have undivided attention on the road. Still, we recommend taking only important calls while driving. Also, if possible, pull up to one side of the road and complete your conversations. Smartphone manufacturers also provide a special driving mode in phones these days which is quite useful .