Why you shouldn’t drive a car with a flat tyre [Video]

Tyres are an essential part of any vehicle that we drive. We have  seen several videos and articles on the internet that shows the importance of tyres both on and off-the road. Just like the tyre, the air that we fill inside the air also plays a crucial role. We already know that maintaining a proper air pressure in the tyre is crucial for riding comfort, fuel economy and handling. We have seen several video on the internet where tyres of vehicle burst due to excess pressure similarly less pressure in tyre is also dangerous. Here we have one such that demonstrates what would happen if you drive a car with flat tyres.

The video has been uploaded by Crazy XYZ on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger is seen driving a Mahindra Scorpio with proper air pressure in the tyres. Vlogger then explains his plan for the video and then takes a pin to deflate one of the tyre. He then starts driving the car and through pocket roads in his area. He was driving at low speeds initially and he then explains how different it is from driving a regular car or SUV.

He mentions that the Scorpio feels tilted to one side and while the car enters potholes or irregular surfaces on the road, it leans more on one side. Vlogger was still driving slowly as he was not sure whether Scorpio will loose control or not. He mentions that the car feels normal while making turn at slow speeds. He also states that the car was automatically slowing down as he was lifting his foot from accelerator pedal. The engine has to put in more effort to make the vehicle move. After driving the car for some time, he stopped to check the condition of the tyre. The tyre had heated up as it was being constantly rubbed against tarmac. He could actually here the hot air inside the tyre escaping through the cracks that has formed.

Why you shouldn’t drive a car with a flat tyre [Video]

He continues with the drive and this time, he increased the speed a bit. He drove car on a straight road at good speed. He did not make any sudden direction changes as it would mean losing control on the car. After increasing the speed, the tyre started to tear apart and within few minutes he stopped again to show the condition of the tyre. The wheel caps on the tyre had also gone. Vlogger mentions that the tyre has just started to tear apart and he would continue driving it until it is completely destroyed. The Scorpio was using a tyre with tube in it. After some time, the tube came off and vlogger put it inside the car.

After driving for some more distance, the car tyre on the Scorpio was completely destroyed. The vlogger pulls over and checks the condition of the tyre. There was nothing left on it and he also mentions that his body was vibrating even after he got out of the car. This video was made as part of an experiment and we would not recommend anyone trying the same on road as it could be dangerous.