Wife sleeps on husband’s lap while he drives SUV [Video]

Everyone in the world recognizes India for its cinema, which we all most commonly know as Bollywood. Over the years, Bollywood has influenced many aspects of Indian lives, and as long as it exists, it will keep on doing just that. Some people in the country, however, take the wrong inspiration from this glorious cinema and do some immensely stupid stuff. What’s even more astonishing is that they purposefully share these acts online as well. Most recently, a similarly foolish act performed by a couple was shared online.

The video of a couple performing this rather unintelligent act has been shared on YouTube shorts by Ajeesh Kuttan on their channel. In the video, it can be seen that a man is driving what appears to be an SUV from the American SUV maker Jeep. It can also be noted that the man is not the only one sitting in the driver’s seat. We can observe that a woman, who most likely is the man’s wife, is lying down on his lap in front of the steering wheel, and the man is maneuvering the car.

Now, the exact details about where this original post has come from are unknown at the moment. However, the text in the video says, “Only girls can understand these feelings.” Judging by the overall production quality of this video, it has most likely originated from an Instagram account of either the man or the woman in the video. We can’t be sure, though.

Wife sleeps on husband’s lap while he drives SUV [Video]

As mentioned a million times before, performing acts like these can prove to be very dangerous. For instance, in this particular video, if the vehicle collided with another vehicle or object, the airbag would deploy. This, in turn, could seriously injure or even cause the fatality of the couple in the process. What can also be observed is that the man is not wearing his seatbelt. This is another thing that nobody should copy. Seatbelts over the years have proved to be one of the most important means of safety in an automobile. However, tons of people ignore it and choose to drive without it.

Not the first incident of this sort

This is not the first-of-its-kind video that has been shared online. Numerous couples have previously shared such videos of them performing stupid stuff online. Most recently, a video of a couple riding on a bike went viral. The odd part about this video was that, instead of sitting behind the rider like a normal person, the girl was sitting facing the man on the tank with her legs around him. The video was from Delhi, and a probe was ordered to look into the matter.

Soon after this video went viral, the Delhi Traffic Police started their investigation and found the perpetrators. It was then reported that in response to the couple’s risky behavior, the Delhi Police filed a case under relevant sections and imposed a fine of Rs 11,000. This move from the Delhi Police was applauded by netizens, and it was stated that this sends a strong message to the public about the seriousness of such violations and the need to adhere to traffic rules.

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