Wife surprises husband with a Jawa Classic bike gift [Video]

Jawa motorcycles were a big thing back in the day and the brand made its re-entry into the Indian market last year after a very long time. Jawa’s were known for their power, retro styling and the signature dual exhaust set up that was unique to this motorcycle. Another thing that people loved about the Jawa was the exhaust note from the 2-stroke engine which Jawa has tried their best to imitate in the new 4-stroke engine. The Jawa motorcycles became quite popular among the newer generation. The long waiting period on the bike is the evidence that proves how popular this bike has become in such  a short span of time. Here we have a video of couple where the wife is surprises her husband with an awesome gift. The gift in this case is of course an all-new Jawa Classic motorcycle.

The video has been uploaded by a youtube channel called, Live village life with Om & family. The video starts inside that lobby of a hotel where the wife asks the husband to put a blind fold and then she takes down downstairs. In couple of minutes they are out of the hotel and the wife guide him to the parking lot. The husband is very happy and excited. He even tries remove the blind fold couple of times because of excitement, but his stops him from doing the same.

She finally takes him to the spot and removes the blindfold. For a second he did not spot the new Jawa in front of him and was vigorously searching for the surprise. In his mind he was thinking of something small. He may have never expected such a grand surprise from his wife. After seeing the motorcycle, he just runs out words and after sometime he says that normally he is the one who does such things and this is the first time that somebody has given him a surprise gift.

Wife surprises husband with a Jawa Classic bike gift [Video]

Ramde is the lucky person whose wife gifted him the Jawa Classic, everyone seems to be happy in the video. The Jawa (Classic) in the video is a black, dual-channel equipped version. Jawa (both classic & 42) are powered by a 293-cc single cylinder engine producing 27 Bhp and 28 Nm of torque. Jawa also launched a new motorcycle Jawa Perak last month which is basically a factory custom bobber. There is a possibility that the future Jawa Classic and 42’s will be more powerful than the current version as they would be equipped with the more powerful version used in Perak.