Wild elephant helps push-start a truck that broke down on the road [Video]

Lately, we have come across numerous videos and reports online in which wild animals, such as elephants, emerge from the jungle, obstruct roads, and even attack vehicles while destroying crops. In most cases, people prefer to keep their distance from these animals, as their reactions can be unpredictable. However, here we present a video featuring a wild elephant from Sri Lanka that actually assisted a truck driver in jump-starting his vehicle after it broke down in the middle of the road. This video, which is a few years old, has recently resurfaced online, showcasing the remarkable incident.

The video has been shared by Pradeep Indika Kariyawasam on his YouTube channel. It was uploaded a few years ago and documents an event that occurred somewhere in Sri Lanka. According to the video’s description, the elephant was spotted on a road that passes through Habarana, a forested area in the Northern province of the country. The footage depicts a wild elephant standing alongside a truck. Initially, it appeared as though the elephant was attacking the truck, but this was not the case. The elephant appears remarkably calm, and the video clarifies that the truck had broken down in the middle of the road.

The truck driver and his assistant were unable to leave the cabin to push the truck due to the presence of the elephant outside. Their concern was well-founded. The elephant obstructed the road, effectively trapping the truck. The elephant then proceeded to move towards the back of the truck and gently pushed it. Initially, it seemed as if the elephant was attempting to access the truck’s container, but in reality, it was providing assistance to the stranded truck driver.

Wild elephant helps push-start a truck that broke down on the road [Video]
Elephant pushing truck

Subsequently, the elephant leaned against the truck’s container and began pushing it. While the truck did move forward in the first attempt, it failed to start. Undeterred, the elephant remained and, upon realizing that the truck had not resumed its movement, pushed it again. This time, the truck’s engine roared to life, and the video captures the truck progressing forward until the end. The footage also features a couple of bikers and a car approaching from the opposite direction on the road. Notably, the elephant refrains from pursuing any of these vehicles, indicating its friendly disposition and familiarity with human presence and the associated noises of vehicles.

It is conceivable that the elephant ventured onto the road in search of food. In numerous locations, people frequently feed animals, which can lead to animals developing a habit of seeking food from humans rather than foraging in the forest. The video presents an intriguing perspective. Either the elephant grasped that the vehicle had broken down and needed assistance, or it inadvertently initiated the truck’s movement while appearing to attack it from the rear. In situations akin to this, it is imperative to avoid exiting the vehicle or making loud noises. These animals are acutely sensitive to such disturbances, which could potentially provoke them into attacking.