Wild elephant threatens Alto driver, driver panics [Video]

Human and animal interaction has become quite common nowadays, especially on the roads passing through forest reserves and national parks. Here is one such incident from Kerala where a family is stuck inside the car and a wild elephant threatens the family. The video is recorded by a passerby and shows how the wild elephant intimidates the family.

The video shows a full-size elephant and her calf on the public road and feasting on the trees. A family in a Maruti Suzuki Alto wanted to cross the elephants. However, as soon as the vehicle reaches closer to them, the wild elephant turns around and starts running toward the car.

The driver of the Alto 800 got scared and started taking the car in reverse until he was stuck against the round boundary. The elephant stared at the vehicle for a few seconds and then went back to her calf. It seems like a fair warning from the mother elephant to not come close.

Wild elephant threatens Alto driver, driver panics [Video]

After a few minutes, the elephant and the calf left the spot without harming anyone. The Alto driver also froze at the same spot and did not move until the elephants were done. There have been numerous incidents in the past involving elephants and other wild animals. However, motorists refuse to give space to wild animals.

Elephants can attack

Earlier this year, three friends were attacked by wild elephants in Karnataka. One of the friends got down in an elephant corridor and his other friend started taking pictures. The elephant got irked and started charging toward them.

The three friends ran towards the car in a panic. While the elephant started moving toward a friend who was hiding in the bushes. When he finally saw the wild elephant coming towards him, he got up and started running towards the car.

As soon as the man reached the SUV, the driver panicked and moved the vehicle ahead. The man fell on the road but somehow managed to get inside the vehicle. It was a close shave for the man and it could have gone wrong. Many other cars stopped after the elephant started attacking. The authorities later tracked down the youths and imposed a fine on them as well.

Leave the wild animals alone

Animals, especially elephants are very calm and would not attack until provoked. One should never go dangerously close to wild animals as they are very unpredictable. If an animal feels threatened by humans, it will attack. Like the Alto driver, there are many who would just drive ahead hoping that the animal will give them the way. Sometimes, the animals can get spooked by these moves and can attack the vehicle. Be assured that some of these animals like elephants and rhinos are so strong that they can wreak havoc on the car and its occupants. The best way to deal with wild animals is not to disturb them in any way and even make any kind of noise.

This is why it is important to maintain distance from wild animals. Herds of wild elephants can often be spotted crossing the roads in the forests and national parks of India. One should just stop the vehicle and wait for the animals to cross the road without any disturbance.

Also, if the animal attacks the vehicle, the best thing is to stay calm and not threaten the animal. Threatening the animal can cause the situation to become aggravated.