Wild Indian bison attacks autorickshaw: Lifts the front in air [Video]

Reports related to wild animals attacking people and destroying things in human inhabited areas have increased recently. Elephants, Tiger, Leapords and snakes are often spotted in places where they are not supposed to be. Risk of spotting such animals increase, if there is a road that cuts through the jungle. At night animals cross these roads and when they see vehicles approaching, they often get terrified and even end up attacking. Here we have one such video where a wild Indian bison is seen attacking an autorickshaw.

The video has been shared by News18 Tamil Nadu and the incident happened somewhere in Kerala. It looks like a road that cut through the jungle and the person recording the video had stopped the vehicle after spotting the bison. The wild bison was standing on the road and while they were waiting for the bison to clear the road, an autorickshaw driver came to the spot and he also stopped right after the car. The auto-rickshaw seen here in the video had several LED lights in front of it. The blinking lights on the auto along with the headlights scared the animal.

The bison slowly moves towards the autorickshaw. The car and the auto where both moving in back after they spotted the bison. The lights and the sound from the autorickshaw probably provoked the bison and it charged towards it. It approaches towards the autorickshaw aggressively and with its horns, the bison simply lifts the front-end of the auto. When this happened, the driver was still sitting in the autorickshaw. He holds on to the handle bar tightly. After lifting the auto, the bison moves away from the tarmac.

Wild Indian bison attacks autorickshaw: Lifts the front in air [Video]

It is quite clear from the video that the bison was not able to stand of the tarmac. Hooves were slipping as they could not find grip on the road. While the bison was struggling to find grip, the front-wheel of the autorickshaw came back on ground and the driver suddenly drove it in reverse. By the time, the bison found balance, the autorickshaw had moved away. The person recording the video can be heard asking the driver to slowly move the car in reverse so that the bison does not notice them and attack. Although Indian bisons are one of the largest cattle in the wild. Despite their huge size, they are not usually very aggressive. These animals are normally docile, shy and often try to avoid human interactions.

But, when it feels threatened, like any other wild animal bisons would also charge. Usually bisons are spotted in large groups however, in this video only one bison is seen. It might have lost its way from its group and that could be one of the reason why it was terrified. It might have charged towards the autorickshaw out of fear. Hopefully the auto driver was not injured. The front mudguard of the autorickshaw was completely destroyed and parts of the same were seen lying on the road. If you are driving through a forest at night, always drive with caution as this is time when many animals become more active.