Here are five more wild and wacky cars from around the country.

Tata Sumo Grande

sumo 1

The Sumo Grande is a boxy people move that wasn’t really appreciated in the passenger car market. It was pretty popular in the Taxi market due to it being spacious and reliable. But it was too basic to be luxurious. There aren’t many modified examples of Sumos in the country. This is one such rare piece.

The car features a custom blue shade, a new body kit that includes a new front bumper, new grill, new headlamps and flared fenders both up front and the back. The front slats on the bumper house vertical LED clusters. At the back, there is a new custom plate that houses a new name for the vehicle.

Ford Ikon

ikon 1

The Ikon has been a sporty car always. This one has made it look a little too ricer-ish. The owner has opted for a loud 2 tone paint scheme that looks a little out of place. Even the insides are the same colour as the outsides There is also a custom bumper and a large rear spoiler that make the car look wacky.

ikon 2

Chevrolet Cruze


The Cruze has always been a good looking car and has appealed to the youth. Due to this, there are a lot of examples of modified Cruzes around. This is one such wacky example.

cruze 2

The owner has opted to go in for a new look which includes a new grill which looks like it has been taken from Dodge. There are new bumpers both at the front and the back. There are quad exhausts instead of the single one otherwise on offer. There is also a new diffuser.

Honda Accord

accord 1

This one is a first generation Accord. This was one of the first luxury sedans that was introduced in the Indian market. This one has been given a colour change to blue. Not only that, there are a few visual mods as well. There is a much boxier front bumper with a large front splitter and a new grill which wasn’t there on the original car.

accord 2

Datsun Go


The Go isn’t a car that most people buy as a fun offering. Though it has a punchy engine and is fun to drive. This Go has been given the wide body effect. It now has fender extensions, a new bumper with a front splitter and has been lowered with a custom suspension. This car also has massive aftermarket wheels.

Image source: 6, 78910