This is India’s WILDEST modified Royal Enfield Interceptor

Among various motorcycle brands in India, Royal Enfield has always remained close to the heart of the ones who love modify their ride. They act as a perfect platform for an ideal custom motorcycle and we have featured many such motorcycles on our website in the past. We have many modifications houses in the country and Delhi based TNT Motorcycles is one such custom house. Their recent project displayed at the 2019 Royal Enfield Rider Mania in Goa. This bike is called ‘Neelkantha’ and is based on Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, and cost a whopping Rs. 16 lakh to build. 

Royal Enfield Interceptor Bagger Neelkantha 2

Neelkantha is a custom made bagger motorcycle based on Interceptor 650. Bagger motorcycles are type of cruiser motorcycle with saddle bags, but in this case the custom bagger is a bike that looks huge and features a whole host of classic Bagger parts like giant front wheel, loudly colours and huge saddle bags.

Neelkantha is just like that. Whole lot of work has gone into this motorcycle. One cannot easily figure out that it is based on RE Interceptor 650. The first thing that would grab your attention is the bright blue pain job on the bike. It really helps the bike stand out. Talking about the design, it is one of the wildest modified Royal Enfield. The front now gets a cowl which houses a rectangular shape headlamp. It is similar to the one found in high-end Harley bikes. Other thing is the Aluminium Girder front forks and a custom 23 inch alloy wheel.

Royal Enfield Interceptor Bagger Neelkantha 5

Coming to the side, it still retains the Interceptor fuel tank with some additional chrome touches to it. The side covers have Neelkantha written on them and the rear foot rests are designed in a way that they fold inside the body when not in use. Front foot board is also custom made to match RE factory finish and has ‘RE 650 twin’ carved on it. The handle bar has also been modified. It now gets Custom bent SS ape handlebars with Aluminium handgrips.

Royal Enfield Interceptor Bagger Neelkantha 6

The Bike starts to look huge as we move towards the rear. That is mainly because of the two huge storage compartments or saddles on both sides of the bike. Below that there are holes on both sides to gush out the exhaust gases. There is lot of chrome on this bike and that is what makes it look like a premium bike. There is even a feature on this bike where the rider can adjust the ground clearance on the push of a button.

Royal Enfield Interceptor Bagger Neelkantha 4

The Interceptor 650 is powered by a new 647 cc, fuel-injected, oil and air cooled, parallel twin-cylinder engine producing a maximum of 47 Bhp and 52 Nm of torque. It is not known if TNT Motorcycle has made changes to the engine of the bike. It took them around 3 months to complete this beautiful motorcycle which is no less than a great piece of art.

Royal Enfield Interceptor Bagger Neelkantha 3