Check out these wildly modified cars and SUVs on video: Mahindra Thar, Honda Civic & Maruti Gypsy

Lamborghini is a status quo in itself. They launched the Centenario to celebrate the 100th birthday of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of this esteemed brand. Lamborghini only manufactured 40 units of this special edition car. The 40 units were divided into 20 units each for coupes and roadsters respectively.

To no one’s surprise, the mid-engine and the all-wheel-drive was sold out the moment it was announced. It was also the first Lamborghini to get a rear-wheel steering system. Well, by now you’re wondering how the title of the article is not even remotely close to what you’ve been reading about. But before you swipe up to check the title again and reassure yourself, this is the article that you chose to read, please watch the video below by Master Butter.

The three cars that you see in the thumbnail are a Lamborghini Centenario, a DC modified Thar and another locally modified Maruti Suzuki Gypsy. The first thing that your eyes catch is how the paint jobs on three cars is identical, which further gives them a cool gang name – the yellow menace. But we know your favourite is the Lamborghini Centenario, and it’s difficult to not notice it even alongside the beautifully done Thar and the Gypsy. But we’d still advise reading further before you choose your favourite.

Replica models

Check out these wildly modified cars and SUVs on video: Mahindra Thar, Honda Civic & Maruti Gypsy

The Lambo that you see in the video is a head-turner. However, here’s the scoop on this Lambo, it’s not an actual Lambo from Sant’ Agata but a replica model based on the last-generation Honda Civic. For major Lambo fans, it must have been a breeze to differentiate between this modified Lambo and the original one but the people behind the modification job, couldn’t have done a better makeover. The car looks beautiful as it is. The attention to detail is to the point wherein the interior setup is completely identical with switches and a high central tunnel. You may read more about this Lamborghini Centenario here.

Moving on to the modified Mahindra Thar in the video. DC is a world-renowned name in the modification job business and the most famous people trust DC to make the car of their dreams for them. However, this mod job wasn’t as appreciated as other designs from DC. The Thar which was used for this modification job was known for its macho looks, however, the design completely fails to deliver that. On top of that, this car would cost you a fortune and when you’re willing to spend that kind of money, options seem endless. DC Designs launched another Thar based modification, some time back, called the Hammer which is a true reflection of what DC can achieve and no one else would even come close.

Lastly, the Maruti Gypsy which was modified locally but on the lines of the DC modified Thar. The Gypsy gets the same paint job and exactly similar body panels. This remains the sole reason why its grabbing all the attention on the road. But the story boils down to the saying fake it, till you make it, as the winner of attention-grabbing goes to Centenario replica and the car truly deserves it.