Will Smith driving an autorickshaw is the CRAZIEST thing you’ll see today [Video]

Will Smith is a popular figure in Hollywood and is quite well-known in India too. He was recently in India for the Hindustan Times leadership summit and was seen enjoying thoroughly in the Mumbai streets. In a series of videos, Will Smith was caught driving an autorickshaw on the Mumbai streets.

What happened exactly?


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Will Smith attended the event in Mumbai and then went roaming on the streets. It is quite evident that he found the three-wheel autorickshaws very fascinating. He has been seen driving an autorickshaw in the video and the smile and excitement on his face say it all.

He was seen with a group of auto drivers who were moving in a convoy through the busy Mumbai streets and of course, Will Smith was leading the pack. Smith can be seen in different videos in the autorickshaw. He was later seen in the passenger seat of the auto too.

The three-wheeler autos are common in India and many other South-East Asian nations. Foreigners become quite fascinated by them on the busy roads, especially when the autorickshaw drivers go through narrow gaps during the rush hours. They are quite a rage in the United Kingdom and there are a few shops that sell customised three-wheeled autorickshaws in the UK known as the Tuk-Tuk.

Indian public transport system is not as developed as the western nations and most people use such autorickshaws for the last mile connectivity. Almost all the Indian cities deploy such autorickshaws and they are quite popular too. Bajaj and TVS are two of the major players who manufacturer these rickshaws and also export to the neighbouring countries. Such three-wheeled rickshaws are now also available in CNG to keep the pollution down and if they go out of service for even a single day, the whole city comes to a halt.

Will Smith cannot hide his excitement while controlling the auto. Being a three-wheeled vehicle, they are slightly different to handle from the cars and two-wheelers. The front-wheel is steered through a scooter-like handle that makes it even more fun to ride. However, doing hard corners in them can topple them easily, which sure is a common sight on the Indian roads.

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