Will Smith driving an autorickshaw on Mumbai streets is something you’d never expect [Video]

Will Smith’s appearance at the 94th Academy Awards popularly known as the Oscars has become a highlight around the world. The slapping incident has overcast everything that happened at the awards ceremony. Will Smith can instantly become a talking point and something similar happened when he took an autorickshaw and drove it around on the streets of Mumbai.


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If you do not remember, Will Smith came to India in 2018. The Academy Award winner was attending the Hindustan Times leadership summit and enjoyed his time quite well on the streets of the city. Will took an autorickshaw to drive it around his hotel and the videos became viral on the internet instantly, just like the latest incident.

Will Smith driving an autorickshaw

Will Smith driving an autorickshaw on Mumbai streets is something you’d never expect [Video]

Will was caught in the driver’s seat by fellow motorists. The videos show the excitement on his face as he navigates through the crowded roads. There were several videos of Smith that became viral. In one of them, he is spotted sitting in the rear passenger seat as well.

We are sure Will was simply enjoying the ride in the auto-rickshaw. The autorickshaws, famously known as the tuk-tuks form a major part of the public transportation system in developing South-East Asian nations. Developed to enter the narrow lanes as a last-mile connectivity option, the autorickshaws are very popular.

In fact, these three-wheelers have become very popular with foreigners and we get to see them clicking pictures with the autorickshaws. In the UK the autorickshaws also have a nickname – “Tuk-Tuk”.

Bajaj and TVS are two of the major players who manufacture these rickshaws and also export them to neighbouring countries. Such three-wheeled rickshaws are now also available in CNG to keep the pollution down. The autorickshaws are kind of a lifeline in many countries and if they go out of service for even a single day, the whole city comes to a halt.

Driving a three-wheeler can be quite a job. Since they are very unstable on the corners and have a very small turning radius, they can topple easily. This is why we see a lot of autorickshaws losing balance on the roads.

Will Smith is a car guy

The American actor loves automobiles and owns several high-end vehicles. He owns a Rolls Royce Ghost and a Bentley Azure convertible. He also has a bulletproof Maybach 57S sedan and it is one of the most expensive cars in his garage.

Smith also spent a lot of money on his motorhome. He owns a 22-wheel vehicle that includes the 55-foot tractor-trailer with pop-out sides. It can transform into a massive 1,200 feet of living space anywhere.