Will the upcoming Mini Xylo be able to compete with the Ertiga?

Mahindra is planning to launch the ‘Mini Xylo’ around Diwali – a vehicle that will measure less than four meters. It will be a seven seater – but the two rear seats will be jump seats. It can be called a mini-MPV, similar to the Ertiga. Let us see how similar – or different – the two are.

Maruti Suzuki has used the Swift platform to build the Ertiga, the interiors have also been carried over from the Swift, in order to keep the production costs under check.

ertiga front right
Photo: The Ertiga will likely be more car-like when it comes to driving and handling

The Ertiga has the versatility of carrying seven passengers or being a spacious five seater with 480 litres of luggage carrying capacity. With prices starting from Rs. 5.89 lakh, the Ertiga has attracted many buyers. Within the first five days of the launch, the company registered more than 10,000 bookings. Also read: Mahindra Mini Xylo to see a pre-Diwali launch

So is it worth waiting for the Mini Xylo till Diwali if you are a potential buyer looking for a compact MPV or should you just choose the Ertiga?


A CarToq community member had the rare opportunity of test driving the Mini Xylo last year. The Mini Xylo test mule was powered by a 1.5-litre, 3-cylinder diesel engine but the power and torque specifications are not known but it is speculated to be around 70 bhp and 150 Nm. The mileage is likely to be around 18 kmpl.

Coming to the Ertiga, it is powered by the 1.3-litre DDiS diesel motor that puts out 89 bhp of power and 200 Nm of torque and has an ARAI-certified mileage of 20.77 kmpl. The engine is known for its strong mid-range punch and refinement is also quite good.

mini xylo
Photo: The Mini Xylo appears to be rather small in this picture but will likely be as big as the Ertiga

When comparing their engines, we feel that the Ertiga’s motor will likely be the refined one with more power and torque output.

We expect both cars to return a mileage of around 18 kmpl in real driving conditions.

Space and comfort

The Mini Xylo is based on the present Xylo, with no change to the width of the vehicle. Only the length has been shortened and the wheel size reduced. The Xylo is known for its spacious interiors, especially the phenomenal legroom, so expect some of that to be present even in the Mini Xylo. In the first two rows, the Mini Xylo can actually offer more legroom than the Ertiga.

The Ertiga is only as wide as the Swift hatchback and hence, the shoulder room is just adequate for three passengers in the middle row.  When it comes to the third row, things fall in favor of the Ertiga. The Ertiga has front facing third row seats which offer more comfort and are also safer than jump seats of the Mini Xylo. Besides, the Ertiga is longer (4,265 mm) than the Mini Xylo (< 4000 mm) and hence, the jump seats in the Mini Xylo will most likely be suitable only for kids.

When it comes to people-carrying capacity, the Ertiga is likely to be a more practical MPV than the Mini Xylo.


The Ertiga design is a mixed bag of Maruti Swift and Ritz at the front and some design cues of the Honda Jazz at the rear. The Ertiga, due to its short height and hatchback like styling doesn’t look like a typical MPV and will largely appeal to urban buyers.

The well-camouflaged test mules of the Mini Xylo didn’t give us a clear picture of how this compact MPV will look. However, expect the Mini Xylo to largely resemble the Xylo from most angles. But what makes the Mini Xylo hide its compact dimensions is the spare wheel mounted on the tail gate.

Overall, neither of the cars are likely to win beauty contests.


The top-end Mini Xylo may have safety features such as airbags and ABS. Comfort features may include AC, power steering, power windows and a music system. The Ertiga offers these features and also comes with roof mounted AC vents, steering-mounted audio controls, and standard ABS across the diesel variants of the Ertiga.

We expect Mahindra to load the Mini Xylo with limited features so as to keep prices  low and thus attract hatchback buyers.

Summing up, the Ertiga will likely have an edge over the Mini Xylo when it comes to features.

Price, mileage, VFM

The Mini Xylo is sure to have a significant advantage over the Ertiga in terms of pricing because it can take advantage of the sub-4 meter rule, that gives it an excise-duty benefit. The Mini Xylo is expected to be priced in the range of Rs. 4 lakh – Rs. 6 lakh whereas the Ertiga diesel is priced between Rs. 7.30 lakh and Rs. 8.45 lakh.

In terms of mileage, both the cars will offer around 18 kmpl and hence, there is no clear winner here.

Pros and Cons

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The Ertiga is more of a proper seven seater with three rows of seats and a small boot. Hence, if you are looking for a compact seven seater, buying the Ertiga makes sense.

On the other hand, the Mini Xylo seems to offer ruggedness, a spacious cabin for five passengers and a decent boot with two small jump seats for kids. However, what makes the Mini Xylo interesting is its sub-four meter length which will allow it to be priced aggressively.

Hence, if you are on a tight budget (less than Rs. 7 lakh) and need a compact MPV that can act as an occasional seven seater, better wait for the Mini Xylo to be launched later this year.