Will you buy a Nissan Terrano 4X4 SUV for 14 lakh rupees?

As detailed in CarToq’s scoop earlier this year, Renault India will launch a 4×4 system equipped Duster SUV during the festive season. Now, Zigwheels claims that the Terrano also will get a 4 wheel drive system, soon after the Duster. While a four wheel drive system for the Terrano should be a straight forward affair considering the fact that the SUV shares its underpinnings and mechanicals with the Duster, we’re left wondering where the Terrano 4X4 would be positioned at.

Adding a four wheel drive mechanism is likely to increase the Terrano’s price by about a lakh rupees. Most 4 wheel drive options for SUVs are offered on the top end variants. Currently, the top end XV D 110 PS variant is priced at 12.71 lakh rupees, ex-showroom Delhi. A 4 wheel drive option for the Terrano is likely to push up the price to about 13.71-14 lakh rupees.

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For that kind of money, a SUV buyers choice in India greatly expands with the likes of the Mahindra XUV500, Scorpio, the Tata Safari and Safari Storme being priced at similar levels. What’s more, the top end variants of all these SUVs are available in the whereabouts of the 14 lakh rupee mark. Given the fact that the top end variants of the XUV500, Safari Storme, Safari and Scorpio offer more kit, room for 2 more adults and a more imposing street presence, Nissan is likely to find it difficult to match these SUVs’ 4X4 variant sales.

The positives surrounding the Terrano are its outstanding ride quality, higher fuel efficiency, a compact form and good levels of fit and finish. Adding a 4X4 option to this SUV could attract a dedicated bunch of buyers who want the stance, refinement and compact form of a soft roader with the go-anywhere capabilities of a full fledged body-on-ladder SUV. Click here for 5 reasons on why crossovers score over SUVs