Woman BEATS watchman up after getting stopped [Video]

A woman in Hyderabad thrashed a watchman of an apartment complex after he stopped her from getting entering the premises in her car. The incident took place in Chandanagar in Hyderabad on Monday but it only came to the light after the CCTV footage of the incident became viral on the Internet.

The exact details of the incident are not known. The watchman, who has been identified as Rafiq has filed a complaint against the woman. He has said that the woman called him and asked if her mother is in the apartment. The watchman replied saying that he does not have the information about the same. After some time, the woman arrived in a white Volkswagen Polo and started thrashing the guard. There are also reports that say that the woman was stopped by the guard after she entered the apartment complex in her personal car. Many apartment complexes do not allow the cars of non-residents inside the building. This is to ensure that there is enough parking available for the residents.

The CCTV footage clearly shows the woman getting out of her car after stopping right in front of the guard’s cabin. She then approached the guard and started beating him left and right while the guard tried protecting himself by keeping his hands on his head. After a few seconds, the woman can be seen removing her slipper and using the same to beat the guard. No one came to help the woman from beating the guard at the spot.

Woman BEATS watchman up after getting stopped [Video]

The local police have said that they have started investigating the matter based on the complaint, however, they will only register the case after taking permission from the court. The cops are even investigating the CCTV footage and trying to understand what exactly happened during the incident. However, they are yet to take any action at the moment.

Such incidents are quite common across India. While many do not pay any heed to the security guards or such people and often get into clashes. There have been incidents where car owners have even shot the watchman who has tried to stop them. While many may feel that the watchman or a private security guard is doing something unfair to them, it should be noted that these watchmen and security guards only follow the orders from RWA or someone who has hired them. Disrespecting and insulting them is not the solution in any kind of situation.