Woman cries & snatches belongings of a policeman after parking fine: Cops cancel fine

The government of India and authorities introduced the e-challan system a few years ago. One of the major reasons to implement the same was to avoid any kind of road rage and argument on the roads between the motorists and the police. A woman in Uttar Pradesh did quite the opposite after she received an e-challan. Here is the video of the incident.

The incident happened in Gomti Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. According to the video, the woman was on her scooter and was crossing the Gomti river bridge when she spotted an ice cream vendor and stopped there. She bought the ice cream and was eating it while her scooter was parked nearby. A couple of policemen were patrolling the bridge on foot when they spotted the scooter parked on the bridge.

When the policemen asked the woman to take the scooter from that spot as stopping or parking on the bridge is not allowed. However, the woman did not listen to the cops and continued eating the ice cream. The cops took a picture of the scooter and left from the spot.

Later in the day, the woman received a text message on her phone saying that an e-challan has been issued. After receiving the text, she became furious and went back to the bridge. She spotted the same cops on the bridge and started crying in front of them. The video shows the woman howling in front of the two cops. She also snatched the cap and the ATM card of one of the policemen and locked it in the storage of her scooter.

Challan cancelled

Woman cries & snatches belongings of a policeman after parking fine: Cops cancel fine

Looking at the woman, a crowd gathered on the spot and tried to stop her from crying. The policemen insisted that they will cancel the challan. However, the woman continued to howl in front of the cops. When all the bystanders tried to make her understand that she is doing wrong and she should return the belongings of the policeman back to him, only then she gave them back.

In the end, the cops are requesting to her repeatedly to return the cap and the ATM card and also says that they will cancel the challan within two hours. While there is no information on the status of the challan but the woman did get her way out of the situation.

Should you do this?

Most cops do not care much for such antics on the road as it is illegal and it is not the right way to approach things. If you receive a challan and you feel that it is not right or it is a mistake, always challenge the challan in court. Requesting the police will not help and they will not cancel the challan. It is the court that decides if the status of the challan is valid or it is illegal. You can approach a traffic court too.

Courts can hear the plea and then decide if the challan is valid or not. If not happy with the ruling of the court, you can approach the higher courts. Recently, a man in Bangalore spent Rs 10,000 to fight against Rs 200 fine.