Ill woman dies after car stopped to let President Ramnath Kovind’s Special Train pass

The incident happened in Kanpur where a car with an ill woman was halted because a special train that was carrying President Ram Nath Kovind was on his way. The woman in the car died on the way to the hospital. The president and his wife Savita Kovind have sent a condolence message while the police commissioner presented his apology.

Ill woman dies after car stopped to let President Ramnath Kovind’s Special Train pass

The name of the woman was Vandana Mishra and her age was 50 years. She was the head of the women’s wing of the Indian Industries Association for Kanpur. She recovered from COVID-19 around 45 days back. She was rushed to the hospital when she complained of uneasiness while breathing on Friday. When their car reached the Govindpuri flyover, the police had stopped the traffic so that the special train carrying President Ram Nath Kovind could pass.

Family members of Vandana claim that they asked police to let them pass but the police officials there did not agree. The car was only allowed to move once the train was passed. But by then it was too late, Vandana was breathless and by the time the car reached the hospital, doctors declared her dead. The last rites were performed on Saturday.

Ill woman dies after car stopped to let President Ramnath Kovind’s Special Train pass

Police commissioner Aseem Kumar Arun, DM Alok Tiwari and DCP of South, Raveena Tyagi attended the cremation. Savita, Kovind’s wife ordered police officials that such an incident should not happen again. A condolence message was sent by President which included an apology. DCP of Traffic, Murthy, DCP Raveena Tyagi and Commissioner Aseem Arun visited Vandana’s house to deliver the apology message of the President. The DCP of South Kanpur has also been asked to start an inquiry regarding the incident. A sub-inspector and three constables have already been suspended.

VIP movements put citizens in hardship

This is not the first time that a regular citizen has to lose his/her life because of a VIP movement. A few years ago, a politician’s car clipped an ambulance because it overtook him. There have been other incidents where the ambulance have been delayed or they had to wait because of some minister, traffic or some VIP. Police have to give preference to the vehicles that are travelling with a politician or someone important. The government is trying to stop this VIP culture as it is taking the lives of citizens. The train could have been delayed or stopped but because the cops were relentless to take action, Vandana lost her life.

Humanity still exists

The incident happened somewhere in Kerala when there was a massive protest was going on. Usually, protests cause some trouble to the citizens. However, here protestors quickly made way for the ambulance and helped it to pass the area. The protest did not consume any precious time of the ambulance. They let the ambulance go peacefully without causing any interference. They parted ways seamlessly to give way to the ambulance and then merged back. It is important that we understand that ambulance, police vehicles and fire trucks are going to save someone’s life.