Woman driver abuses & manhandles security guard for delay in opening gate: Arrested [Video]

Road rage and abuses are not uncommon in India. While we have seen many instances where lose their cool over a short delay and rash driving, this woman from Noida was arrested after her video became viral on the Internet. She also got the privilege of driving herself to the police station after getting arrested.

A video that shows the accused Bhavya Rai became viral on the Internet. The lady was shouting expletives and was making indecent gestures at a security guard of a society in Noida. She also threatened and manhandled the security guard. Another video later showed a policewoman sitting in the co-driver seat of her car and going to the police station.

According to the rules, she should have been arrested and taken to the police station in an official police van. The police claims that they wanted to arrest her and impound her car. But she insisted on driving to the police station on her own. That is why a lady police officer sat in the co-driver seat and they drove to the station together. Bhavya Rai was later produced in court and is placed in judicial custody for 14 days.

The video is from Jaypee Wishtown society in Noida Sector 126. According to the guards, the woman driver’s behaviour became violent after a delay in opening the gate when she was exiting the society. According to a resident of the society, the guards take down the registration number of the vehicles that enter or exit the society. There was a delay in that.

Woman was drunk

According to sources in the police, the woman was allegedly drunk. But the police are yet to test her for the alcohol content in her blood. The police arrested the woman based on the complaint of a security guard. Multiple cases are now registered against the woman under sections of IPC.

Woman driver abuses & manhandles security guard for delay in opening gate: Arrested [Video]

The woman has been accused under the IPC section 153A (acts prejudicial to harmony), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 504 (intentional insult to provoke breach of public peace), 506 (criminal intimidation), among others, the police said.

While such commotions are quickly becoming common on public roads, one should be very careful during such situations. In the past, we have seen such situations going out of hand and turning more harmful. However, many such incidents still go unreported. It is best to remain calm and composed behind the wheel and avoid any kind of road rage. And it goes without saying that alcohol and driving do not mix well at all.