Woman driver in Volkswagen Vento chases bikers; Road rage caught on camera

Lubna Shazore Mirza, a psychiatrist practising at Hyderabad, allegedly tried to mow down bikers with her Volkswagen Vento, in what seems to be a road rage incident. Ms. Mirza’s actions were caught on camera, where she’s seen repeatedly trying to run-off bikers. When confronted, she gets out the car, and is seen nearly assaulting a man who questions her driving even as a police inspector interferes and tries to calm things down. Here, watch the video for yourself.

According to eye witnesses, Lubna was zigzagging in her Volkswagen Vento at high speeds, driving dangerously close to many two wheelers. She was proceeding from  Greenlands junction towards Secunderabad. Here’s a biker’s account on what led to the confrontation,

She just missed the scooter, whose driver had not noticed her car. She then continued to zig-zag between the lanes, causing trouble for other commuters as well. 

Begumpet inspector Kalyan Kumar said this,

We asked the man to lodge a complaint. But, he was not willing to lodge a complaint against the woman. Our CCTV footage also showed her driving the car rashly from Greenpark flyover.

Hyderabad police have booked Lubna for rash driving and creating a nuisance, based on the complaint by traffic inspector VVS Ramalinga Raju, who was passing by. Mr. Raju tried to de-escalate the situation as Lubna was nearly assaulting a scooterist. Both Lubna and the scooterist exchange verbal abuses before she drives off. This video shows exactly that.

Road rage kills! Here are a few steps you can take to avoid getting into such incidents.

  • Drive defensively. If someone tries to cut you off, it is better to brake and let that person go. A few seconds delay can avoid a lot of tussles.
  • Keep calm while driving. Sudden outbursts of temper can turn into a big problem and can erupt the situation.
  • It is always better to apologise than getting into an argument on road.
  • You can always divert your mind by listening to music and not thinking about the incident.
  • Leave early. Having time in hand removes most stress out of driving.

Via MumbaiMirror & Quint