Woman driving Tata Altroz crashes, and car falls 180 feet: Miraculous escape

Cars falling down in deep gorges and ravines often do not end on a good note. Here is an incident though where a lady driver fell from a bridge into a construction site, which was 180 feet below. She miraculously escapes without any injuries and in all her senses.

The incident happened in Pune, Maharashtra. The lady driving the Tata Altroz hatchback fell off the bridge into a construction site. The car fell about 180 feet and we can see from the video how deep the surface really is. The Tata Altroz looks properly beaten up and smashed from all around. It seems like it went through multiple rollovers.

However, the lady who was driving the car came out of the vehicle without any injury. According to the details, the lady was still in her senses. It remains unknown how the car fell in that spot. It seems like the driver lost control of the vehicle and due to a lack of proper barricades at the spot, the car rolled down from the top to 180 feet deep construction site.

While there is no closer look at the vehicle available, it seems like the pillars of the Altroz took the damage very well and that is what kept the lady alive in the car without any injuries.

Tata Altroz is certified safest hatchback in India

Following the launch of the Altroz, it initially achieved a remarkable five-star Global NCAP rating, securing the highest score ever achieved by a car made in India. However, the Mahindra XUV300 soon surpassed the Altroz to become the safest car in India, attaining even higher points. Nonetheless, the Altroz retains its five-star rating and currently ranks as the third safest car in the market.

The tests were conducted at a speed of 64 km/h. In terms of adult safety, the Altroz scored 16.13 out of 17 points. Regarding child safety, the car scored 29 out of 49. All models of the Tata Altroz are equipped with two airbags as standard. The report indicates that the Altroz’s bodyshell integrity remains stable.

According to the Global NCAP report, the upcoming Altroz will offer good protection for the driver and co-driver’s head, neck, and knees, while the chest region receives adequate protection. Various tests were conducted, including frontal offset crashes and side-impact crash tests.

The Tata Altroz comes equipped with features such as ABS, EBD, Corner Stability Control, front seatbelt reminders, a speed alert system, and ISOFIX anchorage for child seats, which are standard across all variants. As the first product on the ALFA architecture, it has achieved a perfect five-star rating.

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