Woman gets stuck under bus: Locals rescue her by chopping off her hair [Video]

Accidents are quite common on Indian roads. Every day we come across reports of accidents from different parts of the country. In many cases people lose their lives while in other they survive with injuries. One has to be extremely careful while driving or even walking on the road. Here we have a video report of a lucky woman from Kerala who miraculously escaped from an accident. She got stuck under a bus and locals had to rescue her by cutting her hair off.

The video has been uploaded by Manorama News on their YouTube channel. The accident happened few days ago in Kerala’s Kottayam district. Ambili who is a resident of the Chingavanam in Kottayam was dropping her kids to school as usual. While crossing the road back to her home, she came in front of a Kerala State Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus. According to the report, the KSRTC bus was of the Super Fast category and she had only crossed the road after checking traffic from both sides. The KSRTC bus suddenly overtook another vehicle in front and that is why she did not see the bus.

The bus hit Ambili and she was immediately thrown under the bus. Luckily, the driver of the bus managed to stop the bus. Ambili was now trapped under the bus and she could not come out as her hair was trapped under the rear tyre of the bus. As soon as the accident happened, locals gathered and started helping her out. Once they realised that Ambili is fine and only her hair is under the tyre, they got hold of a scissor or a knife and cut it off.

Woman gets stuck under bus: Locals rescue her by chopping off her hair [Video]

Once the hair was cut, Ambili was taken to a nearby hospital and her children were also informed. She was extremely lucky to have escaped this accident with only minor injuries. The area where the accident happened has winding roads which means sometimes, people cannot see vehicles coming. This could have been a reason why Ambili did not see the bus coming until it was too close. Ambili suffered a minor injury on her forehead but, other than that, there were no injuries. Ambili was in shock and so was her family after they came to know about the accident.

We have written several times about how drivers have to be careful while driving on Indian roads. In this case, the woman says that she did not see the bus on the road. Till now, we don’t know what the bus driver has to say. There are chances that the woman might have been careless while crossing the road and did not notice the approaching bus. We have seen several reports and videos where careless pedestrians have created accidents. We are not sure who is at fault in this case as there is no clarity about the same in this report. We won’t be surprised if it was the bus driver who was rashly driving as there are several videos of rash driving by bus drivers from Kerala available online.