Woman sticks head out of Jeep Compass sunroof; Mumbai Police issues challan

In recent times the demand for cars with sunroofs has skyrocketed. However, most people with cars with sunroofs hang themselves out of the vehicle. Earlier this year, police forces of various states said that they will start issuing challans to offenders. Well, Mumbai Police has started doing it recently.

After a tweet with a video of a woman hanging herself out of a Jeep Compass on the Mumbai Sea Link became viral on the Internet, the Mumbai Police has issued a challan. The woman was spotted hanging out of the sunroof on the public road when the car was speeding.

The police have not given out the details of the challan and the section under which they have booked the lawbreaker. In recent times, there has been a sudden increase in this trend of popping out of the sunroof. In a couple of cases, people have ended up hurting their body parts like throats, necks, and heads due to injuries caused by kite strings and wires dangling in their ways.

Given the pleasant weather due to the ongoing winter season and holidays, such instances of popping out of sunroofs are bound to happen even more. However, to prevent negligence and increase awareness of road and public safety, the traffic police of Kolkata are forced to take legal action in such cases.

How you should use the sunroof?

Woman sticks head out of Jeep Compass sunroof; Mumbai Police issues challan

Sunroofs used to be a feature of luxury cars only a few years ago. Now, many affordable vehicles in India offer sunroofs. While the sunroof looks great and increases the aesthetic value of the vehicle, they are a great way to let the fresh air in.

Keeping the windows open at high speed can cause the air to directly hit your eyes, which may cause problems. The sunroof is designed to recycle the air without much wind disturbance. However, most people use the opening to stand out from the vehicle. This is extremely dangerous, especially for children.

If brakes are applied suddenly, it can cause people to fall out of the vehicle too. Also, debris like small stones from other vehicles may hit them and cause injuries. Electric wires also pose a grave threat to such people hanging out the roof.

With the rising demand for the sunroofs, many manufatcurers have started offering the feature on a budget. The sunroof has become one of the main attractions for many car buyers. However, the authorities and the manufacturers should take steps to sensitize the owners about the correct usage of sunroofs and also imply a hefty fine to ensure that people stop hanging out dangerously from their vehicles.

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