Woman holds on to a toppling car: All passengers including infant safe [Video]

Accidents are quite common on our roads. There are many reasons including careless driving behind any accident. Here we have a new video of a crash where the car turned upside down. The car had 4 passengers in it including an infant. All of them escaped miraculously without any injuries. The video of the crash has already surfaced online and many web portals and new channels have featured the same. The video clearly shows how bad the accident actually was.

The video has been shared by Manorama News on their YouTube channel. The accident happened in Kerala’s Kozhikode district. The accident happened at Karumala near Balusheri, Kozhikode. The accident happened at around 10:30 pm on the Koyilandi-Edavanna state highway. The accident was recorded in a CCTV that was placed on the road side. As it was dark, we are not sure what caused the accident.

In the CCTV footage that is available online, we see car crashing into the wall of a house nearby and flipping in mid air before landing on the road upside down. It looks like the driver of the car was trying to overtake another vehicle in front of him and during the process, he lost control of the vehicle. It is clearly seen that the car was coming from the right hand side of the road before crashing into the wall on the left side of the road.

Woman holds on to a toppling car: All passengers including infant safe [Video]

There were other vehicles on the road when this accident happened luckily, it did not crash into any other vehicle or person. As it was night we can clearly see which car it was. It is definitely a sedan but, from which manufacturer, it is not clear. As there was not much light on the road, the CCTV footage is also not very helpful. It clear that the cars which were on this road were all using high beams which may have blinded the driver. This could have been a reason why he suddenly changed lane and while trying to do this, he may have lost control on the vehicle.

A woman who was in the car had faced minor injuries to her hand and she was later admitted to a nearby private hospital. After the accident, it was the locals who helped the occupants to get out from the car. All the occupants including the infant was safe without any injury and that was quite surprising. Reports mention that the occupants were all wearing seat belts and that is why they could walk away from this accident with almost no injuries.

As mentioned above, the exact reason for this accident is not clear. The one that we have mentioned here are all assumptions after watching the CCTV footage. It is quite possible that the driver was rashly driving the car at night. Majority of roads in the state of Kerala are narrow and one has to be extremely careful while driving here. If you happen to be driving at night, one has to be extremely careful. The video is a good example that shows how a seatbelt can save you from injuries in case of an accident.