Woman in a Mercedes gets into a fist fight with pedestrian [Video]

While most of the world is currently focussing on Russia for hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup, there are a few bizarre things happenings on Russian roads too. Road rage is a common problem for motorists around the world. Many times the rage gets out of control. Here is a video from Russia that shows two women hitting each other on the road.

What happened here?

Some drivers honk at every chance they get. This is a big menace even in India, which causes a lot of noise pollution on the road. This video speaks volumes about the overuse of horns and how annoying it can be on the road, especially for pedestrians.

The video shows a Mercedes-Benz C-Class stopping at a Zebra crossing. A woman with her hands full of shopping bags was seen crossing the road and almost passing the Mercedes-Benz sedan. The woman driver in the Mercedes-Benz honked as the pedestrian was passing the car and then started driving away. Annoyed by the act, the pedestrian hit the vehicle’s rear window with her shopping bag.

Woman in a Mercedes gets into a fist fight with pedestrian [Video]

The woman driver stopped the vehicle in the middle of the road and walked towards the pedestrian. Even the woman pedestrian was approaching the car driver and as soon as she reached the driver, she slapped her on the face. In the next few seconds, the car driver was joined by her female co-driver. Together, they overpowered the woman pedestrian.

Watching this, bystanders quickly intervened and got the angry women away from each other. While this may not have happened in India, all the things that led to the catfight are some common occurrences on Indian roads.

Pedestrians have the right of way!

If you’re in the car and a pedestrian is crossing the road on a zebra crossing, they have the right of way. One should always stop to ensure the safe crossing of pedestrians. However, in India, numerous pedestrians do not wait at all and do not use the foot-over bridges, which causes massive jams on the road. The police do not fine such pedestrians who break the rules and create traffic jams. This creates a reverse effect and drivers do not stop for the pedestrians too.

Honking is a major problem too. Honking on the road creates unnecessary chaos and it does not help the situation. Most of the times people honk soon after getting stuck in a jam and it worsens the situation. Honking is an emergency feature that should be used to announce your location to others on the road. It should not be used in traffic jams at all.

Also, road rage can quickly get out of hand. One should always be calm on the road. If provoked by fellow road users, staying calm and defusing the tension is the best approach you can take.