Woman learning to drive car hits security guards: Arrogantly asks onlookers to take them to hospital [Video]


As people gathered around, the woman called her daughter from the society. Both of them began to argue and scream at the onlookers and other security guards present at the scene.

Reportedly, the woman was in the process of learning how to drive. However, there is no “L” marking on the vehicle, which indicates a learner driver, nor does it warn about a driver undergoing training. Additionally, in India, it is mandatory for a person possessing a valid driving license to accompany the learner while they are driving.

The video later shows the daughter shouting at the onlookers and arguing with them. The people urged them to take the injured to the hospital for first aid. Nevertheless, both individuals created a commotion and contended that if people were genuinely concerned about the injured individuals, they should transport them to the hospital themselves. The women seemed intent on settling the matter directly with the guards, avoiding outside involvement. This incident occurred in broad daylight, around 1 PM, as the women were entering the society gate. Unfortunately, the lady driver lost control of the vehicle during the process.

Shantonil Nag

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