Bike-borne Thief Snatches Chain Of Woman Making Instagram Reel [Video]

woman instagram reel chain snatched

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. People are so involved in it that they often use it to announce important news to their friends and families. Instagram reels and making videos using trending audios are also a part of it. Some people get so invested in it that they completely forget about the surroundings while making videos. This is not a good practice, and that is exactly this video here shows. A Ghaziabad woman just lost her gold chain to a bike-borne snatcher while she was recording an Instagram reel.

The video has been shared by Sachin Gupta on his X Profile. The incident happened in Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram. In this video, we see a woman walking on a pocket road. She is wearing jewelry and was well dressed. It looks like she was dressed up for some occasion. The woman, who was identified as Sushma in a salwar suit, started walking on the road.

It looks like she was an avid social media user and wanted to record a video of herself in the new dress and jewelry. As she was walking, we can hear someone behind the camera giving her instructions on how to pose or walk in front of the camera. As she was getting the hang of it, she spotted a biker on the same road as her.

She didn’t find anything unusual about the biker as she was filming on a public road. However, as the biker came close, she got worried a bit. The biker stopped the bike next to the woman and immediately grabbed the chain on her neck. The biker got hold of the chains on the woman’s neck. Once he had the chain, he pulled the lady with him, and the chain almost immediately broke.

Bike-borne Thief Snatches Chain Of Woman Making Instagram Reel [Video]
Thief snatches gold chain

The biker was wearing a helmet and was completely prepared. All this happened within seconds. The lady was stunned as she was not expecting anything like this to happen. The person recording the video can be heard screaming. After the biker snatched her chain and rode away, the woman came back to her senses and realized what just happened.

We can hear her say that he took both chains and when the woman behind the camera asked if it was gold, the woman can be seen nodding to it. It is not clear whether the woman had any injuries to her neck after the thief snatched her chain. She was extremely lucky that her chain broke off almost immediately after the biker started pulling.

Many users under this video have commented that this looks too scripted as the woman wanted to make her video go viral. We cannot comment on the same as the police are currently investigating the matter.

From this video, there are a couple of things that one could learn. Once again, it shows why recording such videos on public roads can be dangerous. She was doing it on a service road.

While recording such videos, people often forget about the surroundings completely, which leads to disasters. In this case, the woman should have been a lot more careful as she was wearing expensive jewelry. If the thief had dragged her on the road, the woman could have been seriously injured.