Woman on a two wheeler has a near miss as elephant charges at her [Video]

We have seen several videos and images where elephants are seen charging at people and vehicles on road. While most of these incidents happen with wild elephants, there have been reports of tamed elephants destroying vehicles and attacking people as well. The probability of spotting an elephant in the middle of the road are high if you are riding or driving through a forest area. Here we have one such video where a woman on a two-wheeler has a near miss as an elephant charges at her in the middle of the road.

It looks like the incident did not happen in India. As you can see, the registration plate on the scooter is different from what we see in our vehicles. This is an extremely short video which is actually mocking the woman rider. The post says ‘Lady was riding the scooter and terrified elephant ran for its life.’ The 8 second video was probably recorded from a car which had stopped after it spotted the elephant on the road. It looks like the car driver was reversing the car to avoid any problem and offer a clear path to elephant to cross.

Looks like the woman rider who was riding with a child probably did not see the elephant. She kept on riding the scooter and by the time she saw the elephant, it was too late. The elephant was already on the road and was charging towards the scooter. It looks like the elephant was surprised to see the scooter out of nowhere and was trying to protect itself. Once it saw that the scooter rider had no intention to stop, it started running away to the other side of the road. The scooter rider was also trying hard to not hit the elephant and she managed to do that.

Woman on a two wheeler has a near miss as elephant charges at her [Video]

It looks like the elephant had no intention to attack the rider. It ran across to the other side of the road and the rider managed to regain her balance. The woman on the scooter, the kid and the elephant all were safe. Situations like this can be very dangerous at time. The woman was extremely lucky that the elephant ran away. Elephants are wild animals that like to move in groups. If you spot an elephant on the road, the safest option is to stop and wait for the animal to cross the road. If the lights of the vehicles are on, it is a good idea to turn them off as it would provoke the animal.

Once the elephant has crossed th road, only then drive the vehicle forward. If you ignore the animal and drive forward, chances of it attacking the vehicle and passengers in it are high. These animals are very sensitive to bright lights, engine noise (especially diesel), horn, engie start noise and music. Other than this, sudden movements like what we saw in this video also scares animals. An animal like elephant is extremely dangerous and can easily crush even a car.