Woman on scooter shoots at auto rickshaw driver for not giving way [Video]

Road rage can be extremely dangerous and there have been many aggressive incidents in the past due to road rage in India. Here is an incident from Gurugram, Haryana, that escalated quickly and was captured on video. Here is what happened.

What really happened?

A 35-year old woman named Sapna opened fire on an auto rickshaw driver after an argument. The incident happened after the auto rickshaw driver parked on a narrow road to talk on the phone. This blocked the road and left no space for Sapna to get past the rickshaw. The lady was on a scooter and afterwards she asked the auto driver to give way. After an argument, Sapna left from the spot to return with her husband Yunis and another youth.

After an argument, she opened fire at the auto driver. Sunil Kataria, who drives the auto and lives in the same Bhawani Enclave society where the incident took place, escaped without any injury after the bullet whizzed past his ear. The incident was recorded by locals and it shows the woman trying to reload the gun to shoot Sunil again.

The auto driver registered an FIR and all the people present at the spot were arrested. The cops have recovered the bullet shell from the spot and have arrested Sapna, her husband and his friend under sections 307 (attempt to murder), 323 (causing hurt), 337 (causing hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others) of IPC. The case was registered at Sector 9A police station in Gurgaon after the incident took place at 9 AM in the morning.

Auto driver Sunil Kataria told TOI,

“I was outside my home, talking on phone when she came on a Scooty. She started screaming at me for talking on phone while standing on the road. She then left and came back with her husband and another man. Suddenly, she pulled out a gun from her pocket and fired at me. I stood scared and shocked.”

Sudhir Kumar, SHO, Sector 9A police station, said,

“We have arrested the couple, Sapna and Yunis, and are questioning them. We have also recovered the country-made pistol that was used in the crime from their possession. Further investigation is on.”

Road rage can be extremely dangerous

Road rage can quickly escalate and can turn out ugly. It is best to not react to any provocation on the road. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid road rage.

  • After an accident or altercation on the road, it is best to be calm and solve the problem.
  • If the other party becomes aggressive, it is best to sit in the car and call the cops to solve the situation.
  • Arguing on the road can often escalate quickly to mishandling. It is best to avoid any arguments.
  • You can always leave the spot after noting down the vehicle’s number and go to the police station for any help.