Woman rams Fortuner into Honda City and Kia Carens; Swaps seats with male passenger (Video)

In a late-night accident in a neighbourhood in Chandigarh, a woman driver rammed a Toyota Fortuner into three parked cars. The vehicles were parked outside the houses in Sector 37. The CCTV footage shows the woman driver swapping the seat after the accident.

The CCTV footage shows that the accident happened late at night when the woman was driving the car. She crashed into three parked cars that were severely damaged. She first hit the Honda City and then the Kia Carens parked on the roadside.

The woman was accompanied by a male who was in the co-driver seat. After the crash, both of them swapped seats and fled the spot.

Ashok Budhiraja, the owner of one of the cars and a scooter damaged in the accident, told Tribune India that he heard a loud band at around 12:30 AM. He rushed out to check but could not find anyone.

Later he checked the CCTV footage and found out that the Toyota Fortuner had hit his neighbour’s vehicle and dragged it for a few metres before hitting his car and the scooter. Ashok Budhiraja also claims that the gate of his home also got damaged due to the impact of the accident.

The neighbours and the vehicle owners have registered a case against the unknown couple. According to the police, they have started an investigation.

Seems like a new driver

Woman rams Fortuner into Honda City and Kia Carens; Swaps seats with male passenger (Video)

It seems like the lady driving the Fortuner recently learned how to drive and could not control the vehicle. While the insurance of the Toyota Fortuner should provide for the repairs of the other vehicles, the CCTV footage can make it difficult. If the lady driving the SUV did not have a learner’s or driver’s license, the insurance can get rejected and the owner of the Toyota Fortuner will need to pay for the repairs from their pockets or convince the owners of the affected cars to claim their own insurance policies to repair the vehicles.

Many such incidents have happened in the past and that is why finding a safe parking spot is necessary for car owners. It is always safe to park vehicles away from the roads. However, many homes do not have parking and use the space outside their homes for the same. A new ruling in a few regions in India now mandates the owner to show parking space before they can buy a vehicle. Such steps will ensure accidents like this do not happen in future and will also help to decongest the roads.

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