Noida woman slaps e-rickshaw driver 17 times after he brushes her car [Video]

A video from Uttar Pradesh’s Noida sector 110 has gone viral on internet. In this video, a woman is seen slapping an e-rickshaw driver repeatedly after the driver allegedly brushed her car with his rickshaw. In the video that is now circulating online the woman is seen repeatedly thrashing the e-rickshaw driver. She grabs the e-rickshaw driver by the collar and drags him towards her car to show the damage. The woman can be seen shouting about abusing the rickshaw driver in the video clearly. The incident happened in market of phase 2 in Sector 110 of Noida.

The e-rickshaw driver can be seen standing helpless in the video. None of the onlookers who had gathered at the spot tried to stop the woman. The e-rickshaw driver is not showing any kind of resistance but he is asking the woman to not slap him. It looks like someone who was present at the spot was recording this video and this went viral on the internet immediately. People who watched the video demanded action against the woman who slapped the e-rickshaw driver. Noida police after taking a look at the video took action. The e-rickshaw driver, Mithun who is the victim in this case filed a complaint against the woman.

Noida police arrested the accused, Kiran Singh who is a resident of Shramik Kunj. Talking about the case, Noida police shared in one of their tweets, “In the said case, immediately on the complaint of the e-rickshaw driver, the woman was brought to the police station by the police station Phase-2 and on the basis of the complaint of the rickshaw driver, a complaint was filed against the said woman. A case has been registered at Noida and legal proceedings are in process.”

There is no proof available on how badly the e-rickshaw driver hit the car. Even if the e-rickshaw driver had rubbed or hit the car with his rickshaw, this was not the right way to respond. This is not the first time something like this has been reported in India. There are several road rage cases reported from different parts of the country on a daily basis. This is not a healthy practice. One must be extremely calm and try to avoid any confrontation with other road users. If you find yourself in such a situation, then call the cops and if you are in a car don’t get out until the cops have arrived. Last year, a woman from New Delhi was caught on camera for slapping a cab driver.

Noida woman slaps e-rickshaw driver 17 times after he brushes her car [Video]

Just like in this case, the whole incident was recorded an uploaded on Twitter. In another incident, a girl repeatedly slapped a cab driver in front of the crowd and police officer. The incident was from Lucknow and the cops even took action against the girl. Coming back to the e-rickshaw driver case, the police has not revealed under what all charges has the woman been actually booked. Under this video, majority of the comments are asking the cops to take strict action against the woman.