Woman rider rams scooter into parked car after getting chased by dogs [Video]

After several incidents involving stray dogs became a concern for many, a new video shows an accident caused by the dogs. This incident from Odisha shows how a pack of chasing stray dogs caused an accident. The video was recorded on CCTV.

The footage shows a woman riding with another woman as pillion and a child standing on the floorboard of the scooter. The incident happened early in the morning when the woman were going to a temple. In the footage, we can see around 6 stray dogs chasing the scooter. The rider got nervous and crashed into a parked vehicle.

Woman rider rams scooter into parked car after getting chased by dogs [Video]

The impact caused them to fall from the scooter while it seems like a couple of dogs also got entangled. All the three riding the scooter were injured. The woman who was riding the scooter said, “We were going to the temple at around 6 am when around six to eight dogs started chasing us. It was then, I decided to increase the speed of the scooter else the dogs would have bitten the pillion rider,

The victim’s sister said, “A major tragedy was averted after they rammed into the stationary car. The accident could have been fatal if we would have rammed into an electric pole or another object or drain.

The locals have asked Berhampur Municipal Corporation (BeMC) to tame the menace of stray dogs.

None of the riders were wearing a helmet

This is what an accident looks like and it can happen anytime. It is illegal to ride a two-wheeler without a helmet and it is true that they could have suffered from serious injuries. However, with a strapped helmet, they could have avoided the risk of injuries.

There are many who claim that riding within the city limits do not need the safety of a helmet. However, it is essential to understand that wearing a helmet while riding any kind of two-wheeler is important for the safety of the rider.

What to do when a dog chases you?

Most dogs chase for fun. As you see in the video, the dogs got confused after they fell down and went back without attacking the riders. The dogs are hard-wired to chase and they do it for fun. If you somehow get chased by a dog, the first action is to stop panicking. Slow down and you can even stop completely. The strays will not attack you. They were not chasing to attack, they chase for the fun.

In rare cases, you might be carrying a scent of another dog on yourself or on the vehicle. The dogs are territorial animals and they chase their enemies. They would not bite you, they will chase you until you leave their territory.