Woman riding a Royal Enfield in Saree is driving the internet crazy [Video]

Women riding a motorcycle in India is not a new thing anymore. We have woman riders who have even participated in competitions and the also know how to perform stunts. There are have been several instances where women riders have been seen riding motorcycle and sharing the same on social media. One such video of women riding a motorcycle has now gone viral on the internet. In the video that has been shared on social media shows two women who are wearing saree are seen riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle at night.

The video has been shared by sona_omi on her Instagram profile. In this video that has now gone viral on the internet shows two women sitting on a current generation Royal Enfield motorcycle. The woman riding the motorcycle seems pretty confident and looks like she has been riding the same for quite some time. The pillion is a woman too and she is sitting calmly and in between she can be seen looking at the camera that was recording the video. The video was recorded at night and the road was not very well lit. However, it looks like that was not a problem for the rider.

One thing that was different in this video from others is that both the rider and the pillion were wearing saree while riding the motorcycle. She was rding the motorcycle without any issue and many of them actually lauded them for the same in the comment section. It is not everyday that you see a woman riding a motorcycle wearing a saree. She was wearing the traditional attire and was riding confidently. Ever since the video has been posted, it has received close to 70,000 views and close to 900 comments.


The Royal Enfield Classic 350 motorcycle seen here in the video is the current generation bike which was launched in the market last year. It is one of the popular models from the manufacturer and it is now based on a new platform and reworked engine. The motorcycle is now a lot more smoother and the engine is way more refined than before. The motorcycle also gets a semi-digital instrument cluster that shows fuel level, trip meter and also odometer readings.

One more thing that you would notice in the video is that both rider and pillion are not wearing a riding helmet. This is actually not something that should be encouraged. They probably would have not worn the helmet as they wanted to record a video. A riding helmet is extremely important while riding a two wheeler. We have featured several stories on our website in the past, where it shows how a good helmet actually saved the life of the rider. Both pillion and the rider should wear a helmet. Accident can happen to anyone at any point of time and a helmet would save the rider from head injury of any sort. Simply wearing a hemet for name sake is not going to help until and unless you fasten the buckle on your helmet.

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