Woman on scooter stops bus coming in the WRONG lane: Makes bus take the right lane [Video]

Driving in the wrong lane is a major problem faced by motorists every day on the roads throughout India. Wrong side driving is not only extremely dangerous, but it also causes a lot of chaos on the roads and can build up a massive jam. However, we do get to see many vehicles including the trucks and buses going on the wrong lane without any hesitation. The roads that have no physical dividers are worst-hit by such driving on the wrong side. Many vehicles jump over the solid double lines to overtake the slow-moving traffic.

As we all have noticed, state transport buses are one of the most rashly driven vehicles on public roads. While many state governments have tried keeping them under control by installing speed governing devices, these buses seldom drive in a sane way on the public roads. Here is a video from Kerala was posted on the Vandibhranthanmar group, where a brave lady on a scooter can be seen forcing a bus to go back into the right lane. The video is becoming viral on social media websites and we do appreciate such moves on the roads.

The video shows the lady standing in front of the bus and not moving at all. The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus can be seen taking a sharp left at a slow speed to get back into his own lane. The lady, meanwhile, can be seen standing firmly at the spot and waiting for the bus to enter the correct lane. The move has been appreciated by the crowd present at the spot. However, such encounters with heavy vehicles can turn out to be very different too! This is why one should be very cautious while handling such situations.

Woman on scooter stops bus coming in the WRONG lane: Makes bus take the right lane [Video]

This is not the first time that a motorist on two-wheeler has forced a bus to turn back into the right lane. Last year, a youth from Bengaluru forced a government-operated BMTC bus to take reverse on the road and go back all the way. The video then became viral and was appreciated by many.

The new amended MV Act, which was imposed in India on 1st September 2019 has increased the fines by multiple folds. While the cops are using all their force in various states to impose the new rules and fines, there are many who still ignore the traffic rules and keep on driving in an illegal way. In India, motorists do not go the right way to save driving for a few hundred metres and due to this habit, numerous accidents have happened in the past. One should always follow the rules and be on the right lane and right side to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

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