Woman slaps traffic cop in Mumbai for allegedly abusing her: Arrested [Video]

Sadvika Tiwari, a 30 year-old woman from Masjid Bandar in Mumbai was caught on camera slapping an assaulting a traffic constable, Eknath Parte, of the Mumbai police in full view of multiple cameras recording the incident, which has gone viral on the internet. Ms. Tiwari alleged that the traffic police constable abused her, and is seen repeatedly slapping the constable while levelling the allegation that he abused her. An onlooker who is capturing the incident on video also confronted the traffic cop, accusing him of calling the woman a prostitute.  Traffic Constable Eknath Parte has registered a case in the LT Marg police station, and Ms. Tiwari has now been arrested. The person who confronted the police constable for allegedly abusing the woman – Moinuddin Khan – of Bhendi Bazaar, Mumbai – has also been arrested.

What led to the altercation?

Traffic constable Eknath Parte is said to stopped the woman for riding a two wheeler without wearing a helmet. He is said to have allegedly abused her leading to this altercation. Ms. Tiwari, clearly seen in the video, is not wearing a mask when the altercation happens. It is not known if she was mask-less even when she was stopped by Mr. Parte. After a while, a lady police constable arrives at the scene of altercation along with another police constable.

In the video below, Mr. Moinuddin Khan – an onlooker who has also been arrested – is seen accusing the traffic police constable of calling the woman a prostitute.

The woman constable and others in the vicinity of the altercation take Ms. Tiwari away to the police station, where she was remanded in custody.  Ms. Tiwari is aggressively seen telling the woman constable to ‘not touch her’ when the latter attempts to pull her away from Constable Parte. This incident happened yesterday at Kalbadevi, Mumbai. Cases under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code including 571/2020 IPC 353, 332, 504, 506, 34 have been filed against the woman. It’s not known if cases have also been filed against Mr. Khan, an onlooker who confronted the cop.

The sections of the IPC that have been invoked against the woman are quite serious, and could lead to her being imprisoned for many years if the allegations against her are proven in the court of law. Meanwhile, this is not the first time that citizens have gotten into altercation with traffic police officials. Recently, we reported about a female Zomato delivery agent, who has languished in jauil for over a year for abusing a Mumbai police official. Click here to read that story.