Woman thrashes cab driver in the middle of the road: Social media unites against her

A video from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh became viral recently. The video shows a woman hitting a cab driver in the middle of the road. Reportedly, the woman also broke the phone of the driver. After the video became viral, #ArrestLucknowGirl is now trending on Twitter.

The incident happened at the Awadh Crossing in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The video that became viral shows the woman beating the cab driver in the middle of the road as the onlookers see the whole scenario unfolding. The video even shows a traffic constable but he does not do much to stop the woman as there was no female constable present at the spot.

The woman slapped the cab driver and also allegedly broke his phone, which belongs to his employer. After some time, the onlookers intervene to stop the woman from hitting the driver repeatedly. However, the woman then starts hitting the person who came in to help.

In retaliation, the third person hit her back. However, the woman kept holding his shirt and kept asking why did he hit her. After she slaps the man again, he then pushed her and slapped her back in self-defence. The whole incident became viral and spread like fire on social media.

So who is at fault?

CCTV footage from the same spot shows the drama unfolding. The video shows cars moving as the traffic signal for turning to the left is blinking to indicate that it will turn red soon. However, much before the light turns red, the woman starts walking on the zebra crossing.

The CCTV footage shows the woman walking casually on the zebra crossing even as the traffic is moving. The bus nearly misses hitting her and then she stops for a commercial vehicle. The cab driver, who may not have seen her crossing the road stopped his vehicle very near to the woman.

We are not sure if there was any contact between the car and the woman, but she does not look hurt in the video. After that, the woman started hitting the WagonR from all around. She forces the driver to come out and starts slapping him right in the middle of the road. This continues for several minutes.

Police books the cab driver

The Lucknow Police has reportedly booked the cab driver. The charges that they have pressed on the cab driver remains unknown. However, after the news of the police booking the driver became viral, the trend on Twitter started to support him with the #ArrestLucknowGirl.