Woman thrown in air after Dzire crashes into scooter, miraculously survives

Indian motorists are not known for being very vigilant. An incident that has been captured in a CCTV accurately shows the same. The incident took place in Namakkal district in Tamil Nadu. Here’s what happened.

What exactly happened?

The accident took place at around 5 pm on Saturday. The video captured on the CCTV shows that a woman identified as G Priya was on her scooter and was waiting at a junction. The traffic at the time of the incident was low, and the roads were open.

Priya wanted to cross the junction and join the opposite carriageway. The lady on the scooter did stop before crossing and gave a quick glance on both the side of the road. However, she failed to notice a speeding DZire coming towards her.

After looking right and left, Priya started to cross the road. The DZire coming at high-speed hit the scooter from the side, and the woman went flying in the air after the impact.

Priya has been gravely injured from the incident and has suffered multiple fractures. However, the doctors have said that she is out of danger now. The car driver has been identified, and he has been booked on the charges of rash driving and has seized the car.

What went wrong?

From the video, it is clear that the woman was careful and she stopped to incoming cars too. But what caused the accident? There are many factors that led to the crash. Let’s have a look at all the factors involved and how to avoid such accidents.

Crossing without looking – Yes, the woman did check the surroundings before crossing the road, but she missed checking the incoming traffic just before crossing. Priya first turned to her right and then left and then started moving. Instead, she should have checked the right side again because that’s where the traffic is going to come from.

Lack of speed judgment – If the woman did notice the vehicle when she looked right the first time. She did not have a very good judgment of speed. The Swift DZire was moving at high speed as seen in the video. If the had realized how fast the vehicle is, she might not have ventured ahead.

Car driver not alert – The car driver was at a very high speed. Most probably, above the speed limit. At such a high-speed, one should be aware of the surroundings and should look out for such dangers, especially while passing through cities.

No helmet – Lastly, the woman was not wearing any helmet. Luckily she did not receive any injuries on her head, but a helmet is the most important and integral part of riding two-wheelers for one’s safety.