Woman trying to fill fuel in a Tesla electric car is the most hilarious video ever

Electric cars are slowly taking over the roads around the world. The full-electric have become quite common in the western countries. One of the biggest shifts that the car owners feel is when it comes to refuelling the vehicle. While the regular vehicles can be filled up through the fuel stations, electric cars need to be charged, just like the mobile phones to operate. Most of the electric car owners seem to have grabbed this fact and know that their electric cars won’t get recharged by filling fuel. However, this lady did not seem to know the way-around of electric vehicles.

The video has been taken from inside a car and seems to have been taken in the USA. The lady driver can be seen parked at a gas station and trying to figure out how to put the fuel nozzle in the Tesla. In many countries including the USA, filing the fuel is a self-service. People need to use the nozzle themselves to fill the fuel unlike the common practice in India. The video has been taken by a vehicle that is waiting in line for the fuel behind the Tesla and two guys can be heard laughing hysterically.

Woman trying to fill fuel in a Tesla electric car is the most hilarious video ever

The lady can be seen trying to find the fuel cap and open up the charging port first to fill the fuel. She goes around the Tesla and tries to figure out a way to fill the fuel in the vehicle. She even opens the trunk of the vehicle to find out the position of the fuel nozzle. After a few attempts, she gives up and tries to call someone on her phone. One of the guys from the car behind the Tesla then comes out and explains to her that it is an electric car and fuel cannot be filled in it. The lady embarrassingly sat in the vehicle.

All the Tesla cars are fully electric unlike the electric-hybrid cars available in the market. The electric-hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius have an internal combustion engine that needs fuel. Engines in such hybrid cars either charge the batteries of the vehicle that in turn power the electric motor or they directly propel the vehicle. All the Tesla cars are fully electric and they can be “refuelled” only by a power socket. There are numerous charging stations that have been set-up by the government and Tesla in the USA. Tesla models also provide a quick-charging system that brings up the battery reserve to a respectable position in a short time. However, that short time remains much longer than the time taken to fill fuel in the cars with an internal combustion engine.

It is quite possible that the woman does not own the Tesla and did not know how it works. She may have decided to refuel the vehicle after seeing the driving range on the console coming down but no one clearly told her that electric cars need power sockets to be charged. This video shows why everyone should their vehicle completely before taking it out. This is the same reason why many petrol vehicles get filled by the diesel fuel and vice-versa.