Woman who covered her Toyota Corolla in cow dung explains why she did it [Video]

With the rising mercury, the scorching heat in the Northern parts of India if forcing people to take extreme steps. A few days back, we reported that a woman from Amdavad, Gujarat plastered cow dung over her car to keep it cooler. Now, Sejal Shah, the owner of the Toyota Corolla has come on the video to explain why she did it.

The video interview of Sejal Shah on ANI news agency shows her car from all around. Interestingly, the car became viral on the internet but in the video, it can be seen that the design of the exterior cow dung coat has now changed and looks different from the pictures that we saw earlier. A traditional Indian pattern can be seen all around the car including the front bumper, rear bumper and the sides of the vehicle. The owner of the car – Sejal Shah can be seen driving the vehicle around too.

In the video, Sejal says that the cow dung blanket is really helpful on her car and it ensures that the temperature remains regulated inside the car. She claims that when the outside temperature was 45-degree Celsius, the cabin temperature without the use of AC was around 36-37 degrees. That’s a massive drop in temperature. Sejal chose to wrap her car in the cow dung to find a way to keep her vehicle cool without harming nature and throwing out polluting gases from the AC in the environment. Sejal says that they have used red mud and cow dung mixture to put the coat on the sedan.

It is not known how often do they replenish the coat or till how many days that coat lasts on the car. However, looking at it going around, it seems like the pretty adhesive bond between the cow dung and the car’s metal body. The coat of the cow dung can be seen on every metal surface of the car including the engine hood lid, roof, doors, sides and the boot space.

Woman who covered her Toyota Corolla in cow dung explains why she did it [Video]

Scientifically, such cow dung coatings are used in the mud huts. Such coatings are often moist, which helps in keeping the interior cool. The moist coating ensures that the heat from the sun takes more time to reach the cabin. However, we are not so sure how well it works on a car. Since a lot of heat also radiates into the car’s cabin through the large glass windows and windshield, the greenhouse effect still plays a major role in increasing the cabin temperature of the vehicle.

Earlier, a Jaguar XE was spotted with a thatched roof in Hyderabad. While the temperature is reaching a very high level in India, car owners are struggling to make the AC of their vehicles effective enough to beat the heat.