Women banned from driving in Saudi Arabia. But they can still drive these! [Video]

Saudi Arabia sucks! It won’t let women drive. But the ladies of that country can still drive some cars, namely bumper cars. The women of Saudi Arabia are taking to bumper cars at amusement parks in a big way. Instead of bumping other people off in these cars, the women drive these cars gently, preferring to glide around, just like they would drive on a real road. Here watch it for yourself. 

The Middle Eastern country, where intermingling of sexes is banned outside of marriage, is perhaps the only place in the world where bumper cars aren’t used for bumping. This is also the reason why there’s a long queue at the bumper cars section of amusement parks on ladies nights. Even bumper cars can be driven only on ‘ladies’ nights, which means that men can only watch from a distance.

Ms. Al Omeri, a 27 year old homemaker has this to say about driving bumper cars,

I come here to drive. It’s much better than bumping against others. 

Another Saudi woman, Sama Bin Mahfooz, says,

We never get a chance to in Saudi Arabia – this is the right place to do it. Whenever my best friend would hit me, I would tell her: ‘No, let me drive, let me drive!’

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that forbids women from driving. In 2014, 2 activists from the UAE, who tried to drive into Saudi, and were stopped at the border. They were detained for 25 days, for the ‘crime of driving while female‘.